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Etsy Teams UK focus: Southern England

Sep 22, 2014

by Susannah Bradley handmade and vintage goods

Following on from our first post all about Etsy Teams, how they can help you, finding one to join and introducing some of the lovely teams from the North West of England, today we showcase a few of the top teams from beside the seaside on the Southern Coast…

Brighton Sellers Team

brighton pier

“We are a friendly, supportive, location based team of Etsy sellers based in Brighton and East Sussex. The Brighton Sellers’ Team is unique in the UK in that we hold regular meet ups, in Brighton, both morning and evening, to accommodate as many people as possible. We have set up a series of open talks about running your own creative business called BTN ETSY Talks. We also organise educational workshops and programmes for our members, host an annual CraftParty, arrange Pop Up shops, and keep a blog! We’ve had window displays around town too!

“In the future, we hope to continue to share and exchange information to help team members improve their Etsy shops and increase sales, and to share other related information such as art exhibitions, business talks, suppliers, crafty events and articles of interest. We’d like to start working more with other Teams as well.

“The aim of our meet ups is to get to know your team mates in person, an invaluable experience for networking, information exchange and support.”

Membership requirements: We welcome anyone based in Brighton or East Sussex and we want to meet you!

Join the Brighton Sellers Team!
Twitter (Our hashtag is #btnetsy and we now also run #btnetsyhour on Mondays 8pm-9pm)
Team Page

Dorset Team

Etsy UK Dorset Team

“The Dorset Team is a vibrant community of just over 300 designers, crafters, artists and artisans with a passion for all things handmade and vintage. We’re a fantastically active team and run regular events such as craft fairs, meet-ups, and craft parties. We keep our wider community informed of our activities, and cross-promote members, using various social media platforms from Facebook to Pinterest, and everything in between.

“Our forum is lively and has a community feel. It is a great meeting point for like minded, local individuals and is where we share tips and advice, critique each other’s shops, share ideas, and meet new members. We also use it for ‘live chats’ during the Etsy School Modules so members can share their expertise and help the Dorset Etsy Team grow from strength to strength.”

Membership requirements: Sellers must be based within Dorset. We also ask all members to sign up to our team mailing list so that we may keep you up to date with the latest information.

Join the Dorset Team!
Twitter (we use #dorsetteam in our tweets)
Team Page

Made in Devon

Made in Devon Etsy UK team


“Creating can be a lonely business, especially in one of the largest counties in England. But everyone in the team is so friendly people say they don’t feel silly asking any question. Meeting other members of the Devon team and interacting online has been very encouraging and inspiring. Due to the size of the county networking is hugely important. Despite living geographically far apart we are able to help each other and share ideas and inspiration.

“Devon is often forgotten about by the rest of the UK (except as a holiday destination because of its beautiful countryside and idyllic environment) and yet the South West has a tradition of good design and artistic creativity. I have heard it said by Arts & Business, that Devon has more arts and crafts people per square mile than any other county outside of London.

“We are proud that the Made in Devon Team has a very diverse group of makers and artists. Many of our team’s sellers use the inspiration our local environment in their listings, using our Devon heritage to our advantage. This makes it a great team to explore, to discover, buy and promote each other’s work. We can feel a long way from London and its nice not to have to feel like we have to be ‘cool’ or ‘on-trend’, the team seem to appreciate good design, whether it’s trendy or not!”

Join the Made in Devon team! 
We use #DevonEtsy on Twitter!

None of these teams right for you? Do a search for your city or country here to find more teams in your area or start your own! Read our blog post on Etsy Teams in the North West of England here or stay tuned for more UK teams, coming soon…


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