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DIY wedding ideas: Alex Stedman shares her frugal wedding tips

Sep 10, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

Alex Stedman is a freelance stylist and blogger at, renowned for her thrifty fashion finds and living well on a ‘real life’ budget.

She met her now-husband Chris 5 and a half years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday and they got married in London last summer with an intimate ceremony at Wandsworth Registry Office followed by a bash in their parent’s back garden for 120 people.

While the wedding was certainly a most stylish affair – Alex splashed out on Miu Miu shoes and a Louis Vuitton headband – she also proved you can have a high octane wedding on a low budget – and here are her top tips for doing so…

Alex Stedman wedding flowers

1. Do your own flowers!
It saves money and then you get what you want. I paid for my bouquets and then asked for my florist to help me acquire flowers wholesale. My nan saved all her milk bottles and pickled onion jars, which made easy vases.

Alex Stedman wedding friends
Alex Stedman wedding favours

2. You don’t have to do favours if you don’t want to.
It’s an expensive habit and no one (really) notices. Instead, I got some matchboxes personalised by Confetti Grey from Etsy and they were all used for sparklers at the wedding (and doubled up as something the guests could take home).

Alex Stedman wedding chalk board paint

3. Make chalkboard paint your new best friend.
I picked some up for £5.99 from Wilkinson and basically ended up painting anything that didn’t move. Great for signs, as well as tables and even chairs – I used an old table from the house as a mini guestbook where people could graffiti it with chalk.

Alex Stedman wedding pompoms

4. Paper pompoms make any room/scenario look better.
I used these ones from Etsy.

Alex Stedman wedding brass band

5. We had an amazing brass band
The Hackney Colliery Band – but to keep within our budget for the rest, my brother-in-law premixed our fave music into a free playlist, saving us money on a DJ.

Alex Stedman wedding food

6. Your dinner doesn’t have to be a 3 course meal.
Don’t be afraid to think out of the box – we had burger and chips for the wedding ‘breakfast’, and then churros for evening snacks. All of our favourite food.

Alex Stedman wedding confetti

7. I used lavender as confetti as I love how it looks and smells.
I arranged in small chevron print bags from Etsy – it took me FOREVER but was so worth it!

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