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Starting university: stylish student essentials

Aug 28, 2014

by Becky Jones handmade and vintage goods

It’s that time of year again – exam results are out, acceptance letters have been released, and students across the UK are heading off to begin the next exciting chapter in their learning life. Starting  can be a little daunting, so we’ve put together a list of essential items from Etsy to help foolproof Freshers’ Week and get your study on in style…


Investing in a good backpack is a must before you start uni. They may seem a little pricey, but you’ve got three years of oh-god-why-is-this-textbook-so-heavy-moments ahead of you, so get stylish and practical with our pick of the best ‘packs.

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Red backpack, £135 from AdaBlackjack
  2. Floral backpack, £80 from ModerNaked
  3. Khaki canvas Rucksack, £65 from CrolAndCo



It’s important to start the year as you mean to go on. Keep yourself organised with a planner; whether it’s on your wall, on your desk or in your bag!

Planner Collage

  1. The Weekly Times Desk Planner, £11 from FoxAndStar
  2. Monthly Calendar Chalkboard Wall Sticker, £17 from ToTheWall
  3. 2014 Printable Wall Calendar, £4 from TheMidnightShop
  4. Albert Einstein Quote Printable Planner, £3.50 from CrossbowPrintables



You’ll need to make notes – and lots of ’em. Might as well make yours a snazzy one.

Notebook Collage

  1. Freedom Feather Notebook, £4.99 from NikkiStrange
  2. Science is Magic Notebook, £3.95 from NewtonAndTheApple
  3. Large Ruled Notebook, £10 from OHNORachio
  4. Handbound Leather Journal, £7.75 from JackdawBindery



Essential extras? Why, that would be a Boston Terrier pencil case and geometric washi tape of course!

Stationary Collage

  1. Boston Terrier Pencil Case, £5 from SenorPicklesworth
  2. Geometric Washi Tape, £2.25 each from ChambyAndCor
  3. Handmade Yellow Leather Pencil Case, £30 from LeadOrDead
  4. Coco Chanel Quote Pencils, £7.50 from DottieRocks

Are you off to uni in September? Got any tips for freshers? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!


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