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Attack of the (hand-painted) ants on Etsy!

Aug 27, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

Porcelain plates covered in crawling ants could be creepy, but German artist and Etsy seller Evelyn Bracklow has managed to make strangely compelling pieces based on this very concept.

Her vintage china crockery is covered in hordes of hand-painted ants, after, “the sight of a carelessly placed plate—by then wandered by ants—fascinated me so much that I felt the urge to simply conserve this image.”

Reminiscent of the HUGE ants by Colombian artist Rafael Gómezbarros currently on display as part of Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America at the Saatchi Gallery, Evelyn’s ants evoke similar emotions of fear, disgust and fascination:

“This very interplay of feelings constitutes the charm of the work. Furthermore, to me, the ants symbolize all the stories that any formerly discarded piece of porcelain carries with it. Where one once dined and drank, today ants bustle in ever new formations, every single one applied with a great love for detail.”

Truly ANT-TEAque, right? We’re thinking of renaming the site ‘Antsy’…

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