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Ain’t no party like an Etsy Craft Party

Jun 10, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

We came, we saw, we CRAFTED.

Friday 6th June was Etsy Craft Party day around the world –  a one-day celebration of meeting and making. This  year’s suggested theme was ‘Recapture’, encouraging people to bring new meaning to photographs by blingin’ them up with needle, thread, pen, ink – whatever!

Here in the UK we played host to a whopping 47 crafty parties across the land (see our handy map, for a visualisation, below), from Glasgow to Gloucester, and we of course also opened up the doors of Etsy’s London HQ for an afternoon of Friday crafting fun times.

Craft Party Etsy London HQ
Craft Party Etsy London HQ

Yeshen Venema

We had two fabulous teams of sellers on hand to run the DIY workshops and showcase their own Etsy wares – it was also the perfect opportunity to promote their teams and meet one another In Real Life (some of them for the first time!)

Lovely Louise, Leader of the Full Time Etsy Team and Captain of Team Cambridge even taught Craft Party attendees how to spin their own yarn to embroider their photographs with! WE KNOW RIGHT?

Craft Party Etsy London HQ

The creative juices were flowing as freely as the Pimm’s, served in delicate vintage china, accompanied by amazing (and delicious) Etsy-emblazoned cakes.

Craft Party Etsy London HQ

We spent a sunny afternoon chatting and crafting – and nurturing new sellers young and old…

uk etsy craft party

…as well as celebrating creativity and community, indicative by the amazing artwork produced:

Etsy UK craft party london

To see what happened at the other Etsy Craft Parties around the world, check out

Roll on Etsy Craft Party 2015; we’ll see you there…

Etsy London Craft Party

With BIG Etsy thanks to:

The Full Time Etsy Team
Captain : Alexandra – BoonLondonJewelry
Leader – Louise – SpinCityUK

The Creative Minds and Skillful Hands Team
Captain: Maria – MariaHera
Leader: Helen – Boutiqueboheme

Photography: Yeshen Venema:

Kooky Bakes:


  • helencwalls

    Helen.C. Walls from boutiqueboheme said 5 years ago

    Had so much fun - privileged to take part - thank you so much Etsy! ( come away with lots of ideas after talking and crafting all day ) Look forward to the next one!

  • natwonderwall Admin

    Natalie Wall said 5 years ago

    Yay, glad you had fun (we did too)!

  • vaardvaak

    Alison Vard from CIREonEtsy said 5 years ago

    Nice article! :) We had a great laugh at the London HQ, thanks for organising it!

  • CheekyGeeky

    Dayz from CheekyGeeky said 5 years ago

    Louise, it looks like it went really well. :) Our online team Craft Party was great fun too.

  • broesj

    Babette Zijlstra from broesj said 5 years ago

    It looks so awesome Louise (and others!) great job :-)

  • natwonderwall Admin

    Natalie Wall said 5 years ago

    Thanks Alison - glad you had a fun time! And yes; Louise was AWESOME! :)

  • SpinCityUK

    Louise Player from SpinCityUK said 5 years ago

    Yay! I had such a brilliant time - looking forward to next year already! Thanks Etsy for hosting such a fun event! :-D

  • YJBessels

    Y. Bessels from 1000Crows said 5 years ago

    It was so much fun! Thanks to the staff at Etsy HQ for making us feel welcome and to Louise for getting us on board ^_^ YOU WERE AMAZING! :D

  • DittyDrops

    Meredith and Tom Schwab from DittyDrops said 5 years ago

    Had such a blast! Really enjoyed meeting everyone and looking forward to next year.

  • Weaversfield

    Debbie from Weaversfield said 5 years ago

    It was a lovely day and amazing to meet so many friendly Etsy staff and wonderful Etsy sellers. Thanks, Louise, for organising us and for your unfailing good humour xx

  • gabsmith23

    Gabrielle Smith from shopatseed said 5 years ago

    What a great day! So inspiring to meet such a talented bunch craftspeople really appreciated the opportunity to be a part of it. Thanks Etsy!

  • natwonderwall Admin

    Natalie Wall said 5 years ago

    Backatcha Louise! Your yarn-spinning skillz are IMMENSE!

  • natwonderwall Admin

    Natalie Wall said 5 years ago

    Glad you had a great day Gabrielle! :)

  • Blucha

    Erika Price from Blucha said 5 years ago

    We had a "virtual" party on Friday and Saturday, held jointly with CraftBritannia and BritishEmporia. It was fantastic fun, and huge thanks are due to captains Paula of and Dayzee of for all the hard work they put into making the event such a great team-building fun time for everyone, and to Louise of for her digital scrapbooking tutorials which inspired us all!

  • zizolabel

    zizolabel from zizolabel said 5 years ago

    In the Netherlands we also had a great party! And made paper flowers of old vintage photos, happy creating! thanks for sharing your experience!

  • aleksandrasejdia

    Alexandra Sejdia from BoonLondonJewelry said 5 years ago

    Party was amazing! Thank you Etsy for having us there! We couldn't have done it without help of our team members who went above and beyond with their generosity and time devoted to this party. You all were brilliant! Let's do it again soon :)

  • lorenabr

    Balea-Raitz from LorenasLaceDesigns said 5 years ago

    I wish I could have come! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! The event looked amazing!

  • Yvette Bessels | Summertime! said 5 years ago

    […] – which was great fun – but it was also blogged about on Etsy UK. You can find it  here. I’m on the team photo (holding the UK sign). The crafty photo with the lady’s head sewn up is also mine – the […]

  • kalicat

    Catherine from kalicat said 5 years ago

    Craft parties are so much fun, I helped the London team with one and all attendeed were delighted with making their own stamped charm bracelet.

  • shilpashah1

    Shilpa Shah said 5 years ago

    hi I'm coming to london in august,,can i have your address in london please,,thanks

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