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Eco-friendly Etsy shopping picks

Jun 9, 2014

by hannahhughes1 handmade and vintage goods

Hannah Hughes is a London-based blogger at Here she shares her personal pick of Etsy’s most stylish eco and ethical products, from fashion finds through to Father’s Day gifts and beyond:

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“The fact that everything on Etsy is either handmade or vintage makes it an incredibly green way of shopping. Buying upcycled and vintage pieces means that nothing is going to waste, and hand made items use much less power that anything produced in a factory. But the most rewarding thing is that your Etsy item has been made with love, so you are more likely to keep and cherish it.

“I’ve selected a mix of stylish fashion, interiors and gifts (including Father day which is on June 15th in the UK) focusing on items that are made from organic cotton, natural dyes, re or up-cycled materials as these all score a little higher in their green credentials.”

eco fashion etsy.jpg

1. Organic cotton printed vest top 2. Organic cotton printed crop top 3. Hand made Eco dye belt 4. Vintage 70s Prairie dress 5. Naturally tanned leather tote bag 

Etsy eco interiors

1. Glass Air Plant terrarium 2. Sea glass Mason Jar pendant lights 3. Upcycled 60s coffee table 4. Atlas upcycled vintage suitcase 5. Upcycled vintage rotary phone

Eco Father Day ideas

1. Vintage book clock 2. Hand made vegetable tanned belt 3. Sustainable ink print T-shirt 4. Mason jar speakers 5. Hemp wash bag 

Eco gifts.jpg

1. Handmade vegetable tanned leather iPhone case 2.  Liberty fabric Kilner jar sewing kit 3. Organic soy wax candle 4. Organic cotton and Sherpa baby slippers 5. Upcycled vintage apron 6. Organic cotton jersey knickers


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