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Fashion Editor Johanna Andersson Picks Her Etsy Treats

May 6, 2014

by johannandersso handmade and vintage goods


Johanna Andersson is a fashion editor at, as well as a freelance stylist and ELLE-blogger. For several years she’s been working as a freelance stylist and a fashion assistant, as well as completing her own assignments for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Solo Mode and Sofis Mode.

Johanna travels a lot for her work, which is one of the reasons she loves her job so much. Besides fashion and travelling, interior and healthy living are her two newest passions, taking up all of the (little) spare time she has left.

Fashion Faves
Simple, well made and delicate – that’s how I like my jewellery. In just a couple of years my personal collection has multiplied, with pieces that I love and wear every day. I love the sustainable aspect of jewellery – you know you’ll keep it for life.


1) Double Strand Coin Necklace by SarittDesigns 2) 18k Gold Dual Diamond Ring by artemer 3) Personalised Gemstone Gold Ring by ShopClementine 4) Black Spinel Gold Stud Earrings by LillaStjarna 5) 14k Gold Bracelet with Nuggets by MochasFriends

Travel Tokens
When travelling, you can either be sloppy, or, you can travel in style. For me, it’s always the gear and gadgets that hit the spot. Travelling is no exception.


1) ‘Keep Calm..’ Luggage Tag by VillageVinyl 2) Personalised Wall Map by ChildrenInspire 3) French Vintage Suitcase by Passesimple 4) Fleece Fox Sleep Mask by hannahdoodle 5) Passport Wallet by StitchbirdandFern

Into Interior
I never knew I was a cushion person, until I couldn’t sit comfortably on my own sofa. My boyfriend is not so thrilled about this new found obsession but I really do think a nice cushion can make all the difference!


1) Orange Chevron Pillow by Pillomatic 2) Yellow Pear Print Cushion Cover by LouiseBrainwood 3) Black & White Print Cushion Covers by QingsShop 4) Geometry Multi Cushion Covers by QingsShop 5) Tropical Banana Leaf Outdoor Cushion by SquareFoxDesigns

Healthy Hearts
Healthy sweets (and food) are a revolution to me. Knowing that what you put in your mouth is natural, organic and clean with no sugar (or natural sugars at least!), gluten or strange additions is amazing. Let them eat (eco) cake!


1) Raw Chocolate Cookies by Happyherbi 2) Organic Chocolate, Hazelnut, Date & Coconut Bites by WildHippo 3) Raw Chocolate Bar with Sour Cherry by RawChocolate 4) Organic Cherry & Walnut Clusters by PernillasSS 5) Organic Raw Chocolate, Banana & Coconut Nibs by Happyherbi

Sucker for Sixties
My grandparents on mum’s side decorated their entire house in original 50’s and 60’s furniture and have never changed a thing. I used to think it was horrible but now I’m actually jealous.


1) Vintage Mirror 2) Vintage 60’s Teak Desk 3) Vintage 60’s Kidney Shaped Coffee Table 4) Vintage Wire Chair by Harry Bertoia 5) Vintage 60’s Newspaper Table all by LeFlair




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