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Etsy School : Improve your shop SEO with your Team

Apr 16, 2014

by LaetiFrenchie handmade and vintage goods

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“This was truly a remarkable experience – we went step by step through each other’s shop, learned a lot about search engine optimization, tags and titles, photos. […] My partner worked on keywords and titles and her results improved quite remarkable. I advise everybody to really work on keywords and titles. I spent a lot of time going through my shop, adding new items with SEO friendly tags, titles and descriptions and my sales went up by 50% comparing to same time last year.”

This sentiment from Paijabeauty of Team Latvia is about our last Etsy School educational module in February. More than 120 Teams across the globe participated and thousands of sellers like Paijabeauty worked with a partner in their Team to help each other and improve their shops. We received great feedback from participants and some asked for a more specific and intense month on SEO. We’re happy to announce it will happen in May!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mouthful, but don’t let the title put you off. Yes, if you read up on the subject, it can seem overwhelming, but our Etsy School programme details a simple series of steps that can make a huge difference to attracting free traffic! Each participant will receive a programme workbook with resources to learn more about SEO, weekly exercices to do with your partner and ideas to generate Team discussions.

Etsy School is indeed a great way to be more engaged in your Team and to make new friends at the same time you improve your shop! And your partner’s external point of view on your keywords will be especially helpful! Talkingandsleeping from Simply the Best Team confirms, saying, “We got together each week to go over the assignments […]. It was such a great help! Having somebody else’s eye on my shop gave me fresh ideas I wouldn’t have thought of since I’m the one staring at it day in and day out, not seeing the forest for the trees. We are still in contact trading social media marketing tips and promoting one another, too.”

What you will learn during our May SEO month ?

The programme will give you 4 steps to improve your shop SEO.

  • First week: Meet your partner and analyse your shop based on its statistics
  • Second week : Research keywords for your shop and your listings
  • Third week : Edit your listings and your shop to improve relevancy
  • Fourth week : Improve your popularity by increasing the number of links to your shop.


How to participate?

Etsy School programme is exclusively available for sellers in Teams. Teams are a community feature where you can gather with peers to socialize, get advice from experienced members, and share information about running a business in your area or on specific topics.

The Teams below are organizing a SEO month in May.
Please note they can have specific requirements to join the Team or the Etsy School programme. Check the “Who can join?” information, join the Team if you want to be active in the Team and browse through the current discussion threads to see how to participate to the Etsy School programme.



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You can’t find anything in your area?

You can create a new Team for your city, your region or your state, start inviting new members from your area and organize your own Etsy School programme!

If your local Team is not participating, reach out your Team captain and volunteer to organize the Etsy School.

You’re a Team captain and you want to organize this Etsy School module in your Team?


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  • LaetiFrenchie Admin

    Laetitia Lazerges from LaetiFrenchie said 5 years ago Featured

    The Etsy School program is designed to help teams and captains outside of the United States organize their teams and create stronger community ties. The programme is only advertised outside the US which is why there is very limited involvement from Teams in the US. If your team is US based, you are welcome to participate, but please keep in mind some information can be more relevant if you have an international or mostly international team. To participate, ask your Team captain to sign up via the link in the article.


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