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Easter Picks: Whimsical Chocolates

Apr 7, 2014

by Emily Dean handmade and vintage goods

Bars may be blissful and truffles terrific, but there are more creative ways to get your chocolate fix. Explore the charming, quirky and downright delicious world of inventive chocolates with this sweet collection of Etsy finds.


Natural & Organic Gourmet Tea Bag Cookies (Tags not included) by estheraguirre on Etsy. 
Make tea time treat time with chocolate-dipped cookies.


Chocolate G9 Harrington by Milkdarkwhite on Etsy. 
The iconic G9 Harrington jacket gets even more tasteful when it’s rendered in chocolate.


White chocolate army men by LuciaGrace on Etsy.
Deploy white chocolate army men to strategically battle your sugar cravings.


Vegan Carob Chocolate with Non-Dairy White Chocolate by JeanneBeans on Etsy.
Carob chocolate goes faux bois.


Chocolate Filled Toadstools by andiespecialtysweets on Etsy.
Toadstools have never been so tasty.


One Dozen Chocolate Moustache Lollipops by FifiLaRueChocolates on Etsy.
Who wants a milk moustache when you can have the chocolate kind?


100% Chocolate Skulls, Anatomically Correct Human skull by BlackChocolateCo on Etsy.
A marvellous, macabre and anatomically-correct chocolate skull.


Bouquet of 6 Roses shaped Dark chocolate by OrigineVegetale on Etsy.
One clever bouquet combines two traditional treats for your loved ones.


1 lb. of Chocolate Castle Rubble from the Elves…by SugarDukes on Etsy.
Looking to build your own chocolate castle? Time to start stocking up on chocolate rocks.


Hand-made Belgian chocolate rearing horse by chocsUK on Etsy.
The perfect present for a pony-obsessed pal.


Dinosaur Chocolate Covered Oreos by Dolcecreativesweets on Etsy.
What do you get when you combine chocolate, Oreos and an obsession with all things Jurassic? Dino chocolate.


Geeky Special: Huge chocolate d20 dice with actual d20 dice encased inside! by LunarWolfTreats on Etsy.
For the gamer in search of a sugar high: a 20-sided die.


Edible Chocolate Filled Candy Seashells 8 by andiespecialtysweets on Etsy.
Chocolate-filled seashells are almost too beautiful to eat … almost.

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  • fashiontou

    Natasja Kats from fashionfromrussia said 5 years ago

    Amazing! I want to try all!

  • lisalclark1

    Lisa Clark said 5 years ago

    Wonderful x

  • kh1467

    Kelly from KikuPaper said 5 years ago

    As always love Andie Specialty Sweets especially the seashells. The cocoa powder chocolate skull is really good too!

  • creativehistory

    Creative History from CreativeHistory said 5 years ago

    It's a lovely post, but this is the UK Blog and the vast majority of these shops are American. I can't imagine many of these amazing creations would get from the USA to the UK in one piece, and in the case of those lovely biscuits, won't they be a bit stale after a fortnight in transit?

  • thisislullaby

    Vicky Brown from ThisisLullaby said 5 years ago

    STOP IT! I'm salivating here ;-)

  • CreateTheCut

    Create The Cut from CreateTheCut said 5 years ago

    So amazing, that skull is incredible!

  • SarahOfSweden

    Sarah Flood from SarahOfSweden said 5 years ago

    Wow! Yummy finds! Thank you for sharing!

  • MonsieurRenardsAttic

    Emile Concombre from MonsieurRenardsAttic said 5 years ago

    Wow, amazing! But i agree that i would be interested to see what we can get in the uk....any chocolatiers from GB want to raise their hands? And French?! But truly wonderful things, surely too good to eat

  • epicstitching

    Mel Ladner from epicstitching said 5 years ago

    I can't believe how many amazing shapes people have created with chocolate. Maybe chocolate that doesn't even look like chocolate is a good way to keep others from eating it before I get to it in my house!

  • cathpaperart

    Cathy from SeaMeadowDesigns said 5 years ago

    Wow! can't believe these are all made of chocolate! - love the seashells :)

  • GaryRam

    Gary and Heather from littleRamstudio said 5 years ago

    Only just had breakfast and now need a choccie fix. Who'd have thought you could do so much with chocolate?! Thanks for pass that box over here!

  • nichellescholz

    Nichelle Scholz from FoxHillLlamas said 5 years ago

    Impressively delicious!!

  • FireHorseTextiles

    Julia K Walton from JuliaKWalton said 5 years ago

    So imaginative - they all look wonderful! :op

  • pateln

    Nila from NilaHolden said 5 years ago

    Love these and great to see Etsy Food sellers getting some much deserved recognition! Agree too that it would be good to see some more local examples. Not chocolate - but I'm a UK based cookie company that sells via Etsy and other platforms. I send lots of cookies off to international destinations, I'd say about 60% of my orders are posted overseas, to Europe, Australia etc. The cookies are baked fresh to order and have a good shelf life and are well packaged so they reach their destination fresh & in tip top condition. Lots of happy customers in the UK and beyond!

  • theseashackdream

    Gemma Gosden and Shirley Climpson from TheSeashackDesigns said 5 years ago

    Wow! Super happy to have spotted vegan chocolate ♡♡♡

  • saraheccleswasriley

    Sarah Eccles from FlumpyButtons said 5 years ago

    What a fantastic collection, such wonderful ideas that will appeal to even the fussiest of people - I certainly know where I will be looking for a gift for the person who has everything! Thank you for sharing.

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