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Mar 31, 2014

by Joanna Pybus handmade and vintage goods

My name is Joanna Pybus. I am a fashion designer (and researcher, pattern cutter, print designer and seamstress) based in London.


I make clothing that has a voice and is designed to be treasured and looked after. In today’s saturated and somewhat impersonal market, I feel customers are looking for something that speaks to them on a personal level. My work isn’t about just following the latest trends, it’s about having an awareness of what people want to wear but also how people want to feel when they wear it. I don’t make any compromises in what I think fashion can be. My creative vision is lighthearted and fun, and my clothes are flattering to many body types and designed so you feel happy wearing them.



I create two collections a year: spring/summer and autumn/winter, with an ongoing range of accessories, such as my Furry Monster Clutch bags. I’m involved in every part of the process, starting with research, design development and print design, right through to pattern cutting, sampling and manufacturing. I personally make all the pieces. All the prints are drawn and digitally printed by me and are only available in garments from my collections, so anyone who buys one of my pieces knows they are getting something unique and eye-catching. Working in this hands-on way gives me an amazing sense of achievement.



When I set up my Etsy shop in May 2013, I had no idea that Etsy would help my business grow at the speed and international scale that it did. It’s such an amazing platform for sharing and selling work, and it has helped me gain a customer base that I couldn’t have imagined getting on my own at this early stage in my career. I still find it bizarre that I have shipped my Monster Bags to people all over the world and Etsy played a large part in achieving that.



I am surprised at how having the joannaPYBUS business has changed me — before I graduated, I couldn’t imagine being able to do it alone, but it’s amazing what you can achieve when you really put your mind to it. This opportunity has helped me develop as a designer — sharpening my vision, giving me experience in dealing with customers and clients and teaching me how to build a coherent brand which constantly strives to innovate in an industry which is forever changing.

Studio and maker photos by Michael Pybus.


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