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Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Feb 11, 2014

by RobynneHodgson

Friday’s not long off and we all know what day it is! No matter what you’re looking for, Etsy has a fabulous and unique selection of Valentine’s gifts for your other half… and well, for yourself – because there’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘I love me!’

valentines gifts

1) Scottish Tablet Hearts by PhilRao 2) ‘All you need is love’ Pillow Cover by VintageDesignsReborn 3) Heart Wooden Collar Clips by ladybirdlikes 4) Handstamped ‘I Pick You’ Guitar Pick by AbercrombieCumbes 5) Be My Valentine Bath Set by BOHEMIQ 6) Gold Heart Necklace by theplaincanvas 7) ‘I Love You’ Teaspoon by SpoonsnThings

No time to shop? Don’t panic! – Etsy have loads of downloadable gifts, gift boxes and cards, phew!

downloadable valentines

1) House of Love Gift Box PDF by happythought 2) DIY Heart Squirrel Love Card by ArtistInLALALand 3) ‘I’m So Happy We Ended Up Here’ Download Art Print by GraphicAnthology 4) ‘You’re The Peanut Butter To My Jelly’ Printable Valentine’s Card by TheWeddingSignShop



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