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Etsy School : Keep Improving your Etsy Shop All Year

Feb 7, 2014

by Susannah Bradley handmade and vintage goods

On February 1st, the first module of Etsy School have started. If you miss it, don’t worry, we have designed a year full of projects and educational programmes.

All in all, we’ve got 4 educational modules where you can learn how to increase your visibility and your sales. Alternating with the educational modules will be Team projects where your Team can work together on an activity or event.

Educational modules

April: Newbie Month
Introduce new people and your local community to your Team by holding a workshop for new folks.

May: SEO
Work through activities and lessons with a partner in your Team to help target weak titles and tags and replace them with keywords that will help your items get found.

July: Photography
Review your images with a partner and discover how to improve your item photography with our quiz. This will go together with a Lab where you can host a hands-on workshop or photo shoot.

September: Social Media
Learn how to use social media to really boost your shop alongside a partner with whom you can cross promote all your hard work!

Team projects

March: Craftivists
Use the power of craft for good! This project will lead you through an activity created by the Craftivists to help you create meaningful needlework messages for yourself or your community in a fun craft project.

June: Craft party + Marketing Team Project
Work together as a Team to learn new ways to promote your own shop and your Team.

July: Photo shoot
Take what you learned in the June educational module and apply it by setting up a photo shoot for the whole Team. Work together to model for one another, find and share props, and even hire a photographer.

November: Pop-Up Market
A physical store is a lot of work, but much easier when you have your Teammates to help you! Use this Team Project to help you organize and host your very own Pop-Up for the holidays.


Etsy School program is exclusively available for Teams members. If you’re already in a Team, get involved by asking your Team leaders if they are organizing an Etsy School month or volunteer to organize it.


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  • silverlily786

    Fatema from SilverLilyJewelry said 6 years ago

    Thank you for the reminder I'll be checking with my teams. It's so much easier working with others instead of trying to figure it all out on your own.

  • MishuAndMe

    Sara from MishuAndMe said 6 years ago

    Thanks for the outline :)

  • sarahcarter21

    Sarah Carter from LoveLoveMeDoDesigns said 6 years ago

    Great idea

  • MrsBertimus

    Mrs Bertimus from MrsBertimus said 6 years ago

    Could you tell me if the other modules will be covered by other teams please, or just the teams that are in the Etsy School now? I would really like to join in and improve my shop. The programme looks really exciting x

  • kh1467

    Kelly from KikuPaper said 6 years ago

    Excellent opportunities to make your shop better. Shop owners should always be assessing their strategies - never stop learning.

  • kerrywarren7

    Kerry Warren from KerryJayneDesigns said 6 years ago

    I am currently involved with the Dorsetteam Etsy school and it`s great! I have only been open for 5 weeks but have learned so much about ETSY and MY SHOP! Team work is so much more helpful as others look at your shop with fresh eyes, and give you honest feedback, Go for it! Kerry

  • nikipaniki

    Niki Torres from CuriousMystic said 6 years ago

    Great initiative!

  • shazhee

    Shaz G from TheBabyBootieque said 6 years ago

    Invaluable resource for New Etsy Sellers - Love it, Thank you :)

  • shazhee

    Shaz G from TheBabyBootieque said 6 years ago

    Invaluable resource for new Etsy sellers - love it - Thank you :)

  • julietamulticolor

    Julie from JulieMeschiniLuppi said 6 years ago

    Amazing! I started my Etsy School month! But I think in the guide it's set one month all the modules.. It's one per month? or one per week??

  • lainephoto

    Laine Apine from LondonNiftyGifties said 6 years ago

    This seems like a real nice idea :)

  • Stitchester

    Katy Dee from Stitchester said 6 years ago

    This looks really interesting and something worth doing for our team, the Sydney Etsy team. Thanks so much for posting this! It's really great. Katy

  • Bantockdesigns

    Joyce Bantock from BantockDesigns said 6 years ago

    What a great idea. I am new to Etsy so this will be much better than trying to navigate everything on my own. Thank you!

  • ivyboos1

    Julie Ennis from Ivyboos said 6 years ago

    I'm very new to etsy, I joined today, can anyone please tell me how to join the etsy school, any tips would be a massive help Thank you

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