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Happy Chinese New Year – Neighh!

Jan 31, 2014

by RobynneHodgson handmade and vintage goods

Happy Chinese New Year to all! – It’s the ‘Year of the Horse’ – which is said to bring prosperity and wealth. So put your lucky horse shoe on and get creative with Etsy: there’s an abundance of horsey loveliness on the site thanks to our wonderful sellers.


1) Eco-Friendly Horse Dress by MoxieMadness 2) Horse Cushion by MariaTilyard 3) Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace by tinysilver 4) Handmade Soap by Soaparama 5) Luck Shoe Bracelet by LUCKSHOE 6) Handmade Wooden Horse by HandmadeDecoupage 7) Chinese Food Ring by GiraffesKiss

If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend why not take on a DIY and transform your socks in to a hobby horse…


Find out how to make your own Hobby Sock Pony – thanks to Sarah Folse, SarahsMonkeyBusiness



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