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Introducing the Etsy School programme

Jan 22, 2014

by LaetiFrenchie handmade and vintage goods

When you work alone at home, you can feel isolated. Sometimes, to move forward, you need someone who can give you suggestions, critiques, share their own hard-won experiences or just offer friendly encouragement. Our Etsy school programme gives you all of this : learn how to improve your shop, connect with new friends, and have fun!

Etsy School consists of a series of educational projects and workshops to participate in with your Team. We’ll have four educational modules with resources and exercises to try with a teamate to improve your shop and four Team projects where your Team can work together on an activity or event. We will give you a global overview of the upcoming school year in early February. Stay tuned or join an Etsy New Year Meet-Up to discover our schedule first hand and connect with your local Team.

Give your shop a total review in February

February will be our first educational module. We suggest you work with a partner in your Team during the month of February on three topics to give your shop a full review. It will be a great month to set up a new shop or give your existing shop a makeover.

Starting February 1st, the programme is divided into 4 weeks :

  • First week : Meet your partner, do a shop critique and set goals

  • Second week – Photography focus

  • Third week – Getting Found : SEO, tags, titles

  • Fourth week – Promotion and Marketing with focus on social media

Each student will receive a workbook with suggested activities, resources and exercices to do with her partner for each week of the month.

How to join the Etsy School programme?

Etsy School programme is exclusevely available for Team members. Teams are a community feature where you can gather with peers to socialize, get advice from experienced members, and share information about running a business in your area or about a specific topics.

If you’re already member of a local Team

Browse through the current discussion threads in your Team and see if they are running the Etsy School programme in February. If you can’t find anything in the team, you can also reach out to the Captain or Leaders of the team and ask them if they plan to do one or volunteer to organize it.

If you’re not in a local Team yet

Join a participating Team. You can find a list below. You can also browse our Teams page and find it on your own. To narrow the selection of teams, search for your hometown, region or country. Once you’ve found a few teams that you’re interested in, review their “About this team” and “Who can join?” sections on their main pages. Teams can be completely open to new members or have strict membership guidelines — this information will give you a good idea of what’s expected of their members before joining.

After joining the Team, browse through the current discussion threads in the team and see if they are running the Etsy School in February.

You can’t find anything in your area?

You can create a new Team for your city, your region or your state, start inviting new members from your area and organize your own Etsy School programme!

List of participating teams



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  • LaetiFrenchie Admin

    Laetitia Lazerges from LaetiFrenchie said 6 years ago Featured

    What a great welcome for the Etsy School program! Thanks! If you're a Team captain or a leader, you can apply here : If you need help to join a Team :


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