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Advent DIY Day 8: Bow Necklace by Perri Lewis

Dec 8, 2013

by Jo Casley handmade and vintage goods

Every day between December 1st and December 25th, we bring you a new festive ‘how to’ as part of our DIY Advent series.

Perri is a writer and blogger at Make and Do With Perri. She’s currently creative director of the video platform for makers, The Amazings.


What would be your perfect Christmas day?

Hanging out in the snow with my boyfriend, my family and my cats, wearing some kind of Scandi-inspired knitwear. I’d hope the cats would wear matching jumpers too.

What is your favourite handmade Christmas present?

The Christmas Santa sack my Nana made for me as a very young child. I’m not ashamed to say it still comes out very Christmas.

Where will you be for Christmas?

With my family, boyfriend, his family and ours cats back in the Midlands. I suspect there won’t be as much knitwear as I’d like.

Tools and materials:

  • Pencil, paper and ruler
  • Pins
  • Small piece of fabric
  • Iron
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chain


  1. Cut a rectangle of paper that’s 6cm by 12cm – this is your little template. Pin it to a piece of fabric and cut around the paper.
  2. Fold the long edge to the middle and crease the fold with your thumb nail (it’s an easy way to mark the middle of the fabric without leaving a permanent mark), then unfold. Now fold each long edge to the middle crease and iron in place. Your strip should be approx 3cm by 12cm at this point.
  3. Fold the short edges to the middle, so they overlap by about 5mm. Can you see your bow starting to take shape? Pinch the middle of the bow and, if it helps, use a second pin to secure temporally.
  4. While pinching the middle of the bow in one hand, hand sew through the middle of the fabric to create your bow shape. Be sure to stitch through all layers at least a few times and, to finish, end with a couple of tiny finishing stitches so it doesn’t unravel.

  5. To make the middle of the bow, cut a second piece of fabric about 2cm by 4cm. Repeat step two using this piece.
  6. Fold one of the short ends over by a few millimetres and iron to hold in place. Wrap this strip of fabric around the middle of your bow, so the folded end is on top. Use neat little whip stitches to hold it in place.
  7. Finally, thread your chain through the loop you’ve just created and – voila – your necklace is ready to wear! (If you’ve bought a plain chain, remember to cut to length before you thread the bow on. Plus, be sure to add a fastening on either end using a jump ring and a pair of round-nosed pliers. This tutorial should help. Wrap up in tissue paper and your gift is ready to give.

Alternatively …

  • Slide two more bows on to your chain to make a statement necklace – or, cover the whole chain in them.
  • To make a bow brooch, make a larger bow and stitch a safety pin or brooch back on to it.
  • For earrings, make two bows from a piece of fabric measuring approx 3cm by 6cm (careful, it’s fiddly work!). Use hot glue to attach them to earring backs.

Have you made any Christmas advent DIYs? We’d love to see – send us pictures with the hashtag #ChristmasAdventDIY and we’ll share them on and Twitter @EtsyUK.



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