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Etsy Christmas: Part 2

Dec 7, 2013

by Emily Dean handmade and vintage goods

As much as I love the traditional red, cream and green themes that come back round every year it’s great to see lots of alternative ideas popping up too. Our Kitsch Christmas is focused around all the beautiful vintage accents available on Etsy which, when combined, can make a pretty standout centrepiece for the home to wow guests over the Christmas break.


Wooden Stag Head, Baubles a selection from Chixycoco, AllThesePrettyThings and Rose&WaterVintage, Pink Poodle, Blue Bird, Jumping Deer, Lamb all from AllThesePrettyThings, Unicorn Ornament, Felted Polar Bears, Christmas Puddings, Pink Glass Dishes, Christmas Stockings, Candy Canes, Paper Wreath, Baby Blue Glass Vase, Blue Candle Holders, Green Candle Holder





All images styled by Knot & Pop


  • bigbluebed

    Alix Beech from Bigbluebed said 7 years ago

    It looks lovely. Lots of good ideas to take away. I am just putting our decorations on the tree and ours looks all haphazard and a mixture of colours but it also is full of memories of the decorations handmade and bought over the years. I love Christmas.

  • InYourBones

    Gabriela G. from InYourBones said 7 years ago

    LOVE This! i too use the haphazard mixture to my holiday decor. wonderful ideas too!

  • KnitByCoutureStudio

    Rachida Selvidge from KnitByCoutureStudio said 7 years ago

    Lovely ideas, highly aesthetic and full of optimism. Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and good luck to their shops. Everyone is welcome to visit the Knit By Couture Studio shop for a selection of Handmade Christmas Decorations with a Steampunk tactile finish, and in the honour of the Victorian Christmas spirit, look out for items of which all money will be donated to charity :)

  • afterglowretro

    robin parfitt from afterglowretro said 7 years ago

    The painted logs with the toy animals is genius, looks amazing, have to try that!

  • RealfaerySupplies

    Betti and Jeno from RealfaerySupplies said 7 years ago

    Very funny decoration, it does sure brighten a grey, cold and rainy day:)

  • cb80085

    Clara Belle from ClarasHandMade said 7 years ago

    Looks so jolly and bright.

  • Julla

    Shelley Day-Keeley from ShellaWorks said 7 years ago

    I love it!! Thank you!!

  • ASParkerJewellery

    Amy Sarah Parker from ASParkerJewellery said 7 years ago

    Wow so colourful and bright! :D x

  • UnderMilkWood

    UnderMilkWood from UnderMilkWood said 7 years ago

    Really loving this colour pop version of Christmas really refreshing and bold, the candles and holders are inspiring!

  • SvaraJewellery

    SvaraJewellery from SvaraJewellery said 7 years ago

    Love it :)

  • maxinekerley

    Maxine Kerley said 7 years ago

    This is fantastic. I wish I came home and found my house decorated like this. Colourful, bright, different, yet beautifully traditional with a modern edge. LOVE! xx

  • luckystar2009

    Qichun zhang from Buzaitingle said 7 years ago


  • cablegirl7

    Jo Goulds from JoGouldsKnits said 7 years ago

    A lovely, colourful twist on traditional Christmas decorations. Love the way it seems to 'flow' everywhere!

  • cheekymonkeymurals

    Holly Johnson from CheekyMonkeyHome said 6 years ago

    THis is fantastic! I am getting so many ideas from this and excited to try them with my kiddos!

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