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Advent DIY Day 6: Festive Hair How To by Carnetprune

Dec 6, 2013

by Jo Casley handmade and vintage goods

Every day between December 1st and December 25th, we bring you a new festive ‘how to’ as part of our DIY Advent series.

Angéline is a blogger and a communications student. She created her blog, Carnetprune after making yet another bathroom shelf collapse… This is where she shares small tips about homemade beauty recipes and reviews of her favourite products. You’ll also find there some movie-related articles,  must-have addresses in Paris, and sometimes even cooking recipes. All in all, it looks like the notebook you keep in your bag, but online!


What makes Etsy a great source for “one-of-a-kind gifts”?

You can find anything, for anyone on Etsy. The categories are quite diverse, and you can always find something to match your desire or your budget. There will always be a little something for everyone, a fun present hand made with talent and love!

Do you have a favourite handmade present? 

A handmade present? My grandparents both love pastry. Every year, for Christmas, I prepare a little box full of tasty things for them, to share with the family!

Do you have a specific ritual for Christmas that you repeat every year?

When my brother and I were younger, we would find our presents under the Christmas tree – but we also had huge stockings hanging around the fireplace. There we’d find a small additional present, that was just the cherry on the cake!

Festive Hair How To

Steps to follow:

Tie your hair into a high ponytail.



Divide the ponytail in three, and plait each part.


Wrap the strands around the elastic band and fix them with small hairpins.




Clip your bow barrette under the bun. Voila!





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