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Advent DIY Day 4: Geometric Christmas Ornaments by Madame Citron

Dec 4, 2013

by Emily Dean handmade and vintage goods

Every day between December 1st and December 25th, we bring you a new festive ‘how to’ as part of our DIY Advent series.

May is a blogger on Madame Citron, where she offers light, fun and playful DIY projects, and vitamin-filled tutorials to bring a little cheerfulness in everyday life.


In which ways do you consider Etsy as an “infinite source of one-of-a-kind presents “? To me, Etsy is just a goldmine to find the perfect designer present, handmade, limited edition or totally unique and customised. The ideas are endless, and it’s possible to order from everywhere in the world… That’s enough to motivate you in finding THE gold nugget!

Do you have a favourite handmade present? What is it? I really like nice cards, especially the homemade ones using papercuttings and unique papers. And the simple pleasure of receiving small notes from our friends and family.

Do you have a specific ritual for Christmas, that you repeat every year? Every year, I try to think up a new Christmas tree. I like to make it myself with cardboard, wood, wire… Everything is allowed, what matters the most is recreating the Christmas spirit, with a personal touch.

Tools and materials :

  • Print the pattern on heavyweight paper : download the pattern here
  • Silver and gold wrapping paper, and colorful tissue paper
  • Scissors, glue, some string
  • A folding tool

Steps :

  • Start with the pattern of the geometric balls : Cut it out on the outer lines, and crease the folds with a folding tool.
  • Close the volumes obtained by gluing the flaps. Before totally closing the balls, insert a small length of string, after making a slipknot on it.

Geometric 3

Geometric 4
  • Start on the fringes by cutting 1,5 cm (0,6 inches) wide strips in the wrapping paper or tissue paper.
  • On each strip, cut vertically the bottom part to create the fringes.
  • Repeat this step on 6 identical strips
  • Glue the strips one on top of the other, starting with the bottom, and moving each one up a little so the fringes would be a little visible.

Geometric 5

Geometric 6
  • Now, just glue it on one of the sides of your paper ornament, and cut around it with scissors.
  • Repeat this last step on every side of the ornament. You’re done!

Geometric 7

Geometric 8
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 09.13.04



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