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Guest Curator: Stefan Nilsson

Oct 21, 2013

by Trendstefan handmade and vintage goods

Stefan Nilsson is a leading Swedish trend hunter. He travels the world to keep up to date with the happenings in interior design, food, fashion and lifestyle. In Stockholm, he runs a gallery for design, Design Galleriet as well as three blogs: TRENDSTEFAN, which follows Stefan on his excursions, eat and greet, a food design blog and Young Swedish Design, which focuses on new and interesting things from young designers.

Here are five of my favourite homeware and design themes which are on trend right now.
                                                          Black on Black:

Dark, sophisticated and exclusive. It seems we can’t get enough of the colour black. I particularly like tables set with all black porcelain, glass & cutlery.

1. Vintage Black Glass Trophy Vase by JemmDeesAttic 2Black and White Striped Spoons by tulleANDtwig 3. Black Skull Candle Holder by hodihomedecor 4. Black and White Geometric Pillow Cover by GeometricElectric 5. Black T-Rex Planter with Air Plant by thehappyplanter 6. Grey Mid-Century Vase by 1001vintage

                                                    Urban Gardening:

As the garden trend continues we’re all keen on growing our own flowers, plants, herbs. I think every kitchen should have a herb garden but I also love buying locally grown produce from Farmer’s Markets. Botanical prints and vintage tools are the perfect way of bringing the outside into your home.

1. Vintage Dragonfly Illustration by DogEarPrints 2. White Oak Indoor Planter by hedgehouse 3. Vintage Spade Trowels by dkgeneralstore 4. Geometric Terrarium Pod with Air Plant by JechoryGlassDesigns 5. Boxcar Succulent Planters by RevolutionDH 6. 1940’s Botanical Print Plant Book by simplychi

                                                      Kitchen Fun:

It’s the heart of the home and with the volumes of new recipes being released everyday it’s a surprise we ever leave. I try to eat as healthily as possible but I also think that cooking entertaining should be fun so these pieces are ideal to jazz up any meal.

1. Miniature Doughnut Ring by SweetnNeatJewellery 2. Halloween Candy Dish by PsychicPaper 3. Nordic Kitchen Tea Cup Print Poster by handz 4. Ale Glass Set by PretentiousBeerGlass 5. Butterfly Lollipops by VintageConfections


A lot of designers are creating pieces with basic and reduced shapes. After patterns being so big over the past couple of years it’s refreshing to see beautiful clean lines again!

1. Parallelogram in Lilac and Grey by CHIAOZZA 2. Finnish Red Bowl by MonkiVintage 3. Vintage Modernist Screen Print by 1001vintage 4. Vintage 1970’s German Table Lamp by 1001vintage

                                                       Blue Lagoon:

I like all the tropical themed and brighter pieces that are popular at the moment. One off pieces that can add a pop of interested to any room.


1. Brass Peacock Marbro Lamp by GallivantingGirls 2. Hawaiian Print Cushion Cover by IslandHomeEmporium 3. Ombre Coral Mini Bean Bag by JureamBox 4. Faded Pink Ceiling Light Shade by FactoryTwentyOne 5. Green Graphic Pillow by GallivantingGirls


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