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Cockpit Arts: Digital Storytelling Part 3

Oct 12, 2013

by CockpitArts handmade and vintage goods

Cockpit Arts is a London-based organisation that supports designer-makers with studio space and entrepreneurial coaching. Ellen, an accredited business coach, joined the Cockpit team in 2006 and is responsible for Cockpit Arts’ business development services. She has worked with over 300 designer-makers to grow their businesses.

Ellen asks all the right questions to help you find your shop identity with part three of her four part series on Digital Storytelling.

What’s the story?

As makers we have rich, engaging stories and people’s stories are what consumers connect with the most. Everyday you are making decisions on what materials to use, gathering inspiration and thinking about how to develop your work; you can use this to create a story that will engage your audience.

It can often be daunting thinking of a starting point for your stories so here are some of our ideas to help you:

The maker story

  • How did you get started?
  • What are your inspirations?
  • What motivates you?
  • Are your values and lifestyle reflected in your brand?
  • What has you journey been?

The business story

  • How was the business started?
  • What is the history?
  • What is philosophy behind the brand?
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • Do you have another focus e.g. supporting apprenticeships, giving proceeds to charity?

The material story

  • How and where are the materials sourced?
  • What is the journey from raw material to studio / show room?

The process story

  • What is the making process?
  • How is it unique?
  • Who makes the work?
  • How are these skills developed?
  • What’s the history and heritage?

The product story

  • What is your design inspiration?
  • What role does it play in our daily lives?
  • What benefits are there from owning your work / that product?

Once you’re happy with your story, it’s time to start telling it.  Up next, read the final post in the series for some top tips on getting your message out there digitally.

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