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Jun 10, 2013

by Amy Schroeder handmade and vintage goods

Welcome to the Seller Handbook! This is a collection of our favorite articles and resources for successful selling on Etsy. We recommend bookmarking this page to refer back to, and if you think there’s a topic missing, we’d love to hear from you.


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Best-Of Archives

I. Setting Up Shop IX. Finances & Building Your Business
II. Product Photography & Shop Graphics  X. US Taxes
III. Pricing XI. Legal Info
IV. Getting Found in Search XII. Inspiration & Motivation
V. Branding & Merchandising
XIII. Craft Shows
VI. Promotion & Media Strategies XIV. Wholesale & Growth
VII. Customer Service XV. Selling Vintage
VIII. Shipping & Packaging XVI. Selling Edibles & Wedding Items

Setting Up Shop

Learn how to get your Etsy shop off the ground in minutes with this video series.

Choosing Your Shop Name Your Shop Policies
Writing Item Descriptions Profile Tips
Stocking Your Shop Crafting Your Shop’s About Page
20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking Critique Your Shop
Telling a Story With Your Profile Your First Sale

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Product Photography & Shop Graphics

Photography Tips Part 1 Telling Your Shop’s Visual Story
Photography Tips Part 2 Photo Ideas for Your Shop’s About Page
Achieving Clear and Crisp Photos Photo Makeovers: Before and After
Video: Product Photography Video: Using Models

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More social media and promotion.

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More shipping and packaging posts.

More finance posts. 

More tax posts.

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Join an Etsy Team: Connect with fellow small business owners from around the world to collaborate, gain support, and communicate about common interests.

What’s in a Team? Starting a Team and Becoming Visible
Find Teams to Help Grow Your Etsy Shop Take the Lead – Etsy Teams Handbook
Celebrating Etsy Team Spirit Featured Teams on the Blog

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