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Ambassador Assignment: Twitter to Share Your Invitation in Meaningful Ways

Oct 16, 2011

by Katie Noonan handmade and vintage goods

From the invite page for your link, you can send an automated Tweet by pressing the Tweet button. There are ways, however, to talk about selling on Etsy and to engage your Twitter audience in genuine conversations. This will not only make someone feel better about clicking your link to start their own shop, but it will give you some more meaningful relationships in your Twitter account. It is what community is all about.

Tweeting may be short and sweet, but it can still invite meaningful conversation. Being an Ambassador gives you a great opportunity to start meaningful conversations with your twitter community.  Before sharing your link, learn about your fans. They will also love to know you are interested in them.

Start a conversation on Twitter

Why not simply ask something that will help you learn about what your fans make. Ask questions and invite conversation.

“Who of you have thought about opening an Etsy shop?”

“I need some good ol’ inspiration. Tell me about the last thing you made?”

“You’ve seen me post about my Etsy shop a lot. I’m opening up a Q&A session about selling. Ask me anything you want!”

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.11.50 PM

Tweet showing a conversation starter related to making things.

If you get responses to this, continue the conversation by talking about your experience on Etsy. Only after your conversation has started and been meaningful do you then offer the free listings. This way you are letting your followers know that you are interested in them and their interests. You are exemplifying the community aspect of Etsy in this simple transaction.

Use Relevant Hashtags

With each of these, you also want to have relevant hashtags. This can get you more followers as well and find more people who want to know about your expertise. Use Twitter search to find keywords related to handmade, small business or your particular Tweet. Also, don’t forget to show your pride in being an Etsy Ambassador by hashtagging relevant tweets with #EtsyAmbassador.

Continue the Conversation

If someone replies to your question, make sure you respond back. Continue the conversation and keep them interested in what you have to say and offer. There is still no need to share your link just yet. Keep them following along.

Offer your expertise

Next offer your advice. You’re a maker, a seller, and wonderful at what you do. Let them know that you have done it and that you believe they can as well. Share the story of why you opened your shop. Offer your link.