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Welcome Etsy Ambassadors

Sep 10, 2011

by Katie Noonan handmade and vintage goods

Are you ready to help creative entrepreneurs in your community build thriving Etsy businesses? Download your Ambassador Toolkit* to access helpful materials and information.

Get Your Ambassador Toolkit

Make the most of your toolkit with this easy four-step plan:

1. Find your creative community.
2. Spread the word about selling on Etsy.
3. Help new sellers set up Etsy shops.
4. Celebrate with the sellers!

*Your Ambassador Toolkit includes:
30% discount on official Etsy Ambassador business cards by MOO: Business cards let aspiring Etsy sellers know how they can get in touch with you. You can add your personal referral link, so they can sign up and get 40 free listings–even if they don’t get back in touch with you. (You’ll get 40 free listings, too!) Use our template through this offer on MOO for the discount.

20% discount in September for MOO Ambassador stickers: We’ve also included an Ambassador template for MOO rectangular stickers! Make sure to include your personal referral link. Until the end of September, you’ll get a 20% discount on the stickers.

Flyers!: You’ll find two flyers in your kit. One is a quick how-to on opening an Etsy shop using your personal referral link. The second includes all the details on how to sell on Etsy. Both of these are great to hand out at fairs.

Etsy Beginner Workshop: This file contains slides for you to run a meetup group or workshop on opening an Etsy shop. Bring together a group of potential sellers to open shops all at once.

Ambassador Online Badge: Put this badge on your blog to tell readers you’re an official Etsy Ambassador. You can edit the HTML to make sure it links directly to your personal referral link.

Inspirational seller stories and visuals: Use these stories and images on your website, blog, Facebook, and Pinterest to reach new sellers in your social networks.

Have questions? Check out our Etsy Ambassador FAQs.

Find your creative community.

Think about the places where you meet other creative entrepreneurs in your community. Do you connect with people online via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Or offline, at a community center or class?

Spread the word about selling on Etsy.

You know where to reach potential sellers in your community – now share the possibilities of selling on Etsy with them. Download your toolkit at the top of this post to get more information on helping new sellers set up Etsy shops. You might be surprised to discover how many people in your community have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Help new sellers set up Etsy shops.

Make sure to direct every new seller you’re helping to your personal referral link found at:


By sharing this link, you’ll both get 40 free listings when their Etsy shop opens. (Free credits are for new Etsy shops only; they are not redeemable by people who started to open a shop but have not yet completed sign up.) Find out more about the seller referral program.

Celebrate with the sellers.

Show your support–and the support of the entire Etsy community–by celebrating the grand opening of a new seller’s shop on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account with the hashtag #EtsyGrandOpening. And add the shop to your favorites and activity feed. Check out inspirational seller stories to get ideas on how to create your own blog series.

Be an Etsy Ambassador and reimagine commerce in your community.



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