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Etsy Etsy Etsy Newscast

  MP4 | HD | Youtube | Blip In this Etsy News video podcast you’ll learn about some construction going on inside and out of the Etsy Labs, get an update on the book club’s return from the dead, find out about some plans for a town hall meeting, get the "web-er" report, explore the…

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December Storque Newscast

December has been a crazy month so far, and here’s another crazy newscast to go with it!   Adam and Amy struggle to find words for all that’s happening at Etsy (or maybe it’s the writers’ strike?), while Charles brings us up-to-date with his Web-er Report.  Beth unveils new site features, Matt gives us a…

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November Storque Newscast

It’s time for another jam-packed newscast from the crew at Etsy Labs.  This time we’ve got another weather report from Chaz aka winenutnyc, interviews with our visiting street teams from Texas and Portland, and lively performances from our artists-in-residence Majestica. HeyMichelle is our newscaster; her wardrobe courtesy of handmadecrafter, tubularist, MrsTsChains (store coming soon), leakarts,…

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Etsy October Newscast

The Storque, your source for all things handmade, brings you Etsy’s Storque Newscast, an update on what’s happening at Etsy this month.  Tune in and repost on your blogs: we want to get the word out about the Halloween Costume Contest, Holiday How-To’s, the Web-er Report, Bad News Kittens and more!       Special…

20 handmade and vintage goods

Welcome, Storque-lings

Welcome to The Storque, Etsy’s new and eagerly awaited e-zine! (Which is really just a fancy way of saying super-duper blog.) We’re excited about our latest feature, and we hope that you will be, too. Over the past two little years of Etsy’s existence, we’ve tried to make the goings-on of the company as open…