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Come Craft With Etsy Labs

Itching to learn a new skill? Join in the fun with the Etsy Labs! This week we’ll be stitching on the East Coast and felting on the West.

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Our Next Chapter at Etsy: A Letter to the Community

Chad Dickerson is stepping into the role of CEO. He’s looking forward to working with everyone to grow Etsy, while staying true to our values.

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Create Abstract Portraits at the Etsy Labs

Loosen your tight grip on reality with artist Carla Sonheim as your enabler, ink dropper as apparatus.

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Come Craft at Etsy Labs

Escape from the summer heat and into a project at the Etsy Labs.

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Etsy Statistics: June 2011 Weather Report

How’d we do in June? The numbers speak for themselves.

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Tech Update: Faster and Faster

Get out the stopwatch! Etsy’s engineering team has been training the site towards sound-barrier-breaking speeds.

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Craft Night on Two Wheels

Join us for a bike-themed evening of making at the Etsy Labs! You’ll soon be glowing with more than perspiration.

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Summertime Events With Etsy

From vintage wares to robot battles, you can catch up with Etsy at these events in July.

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Meet Your Fellow Favoriters

It’s now easier than ever to discover people who like the kind of things you like, so you can find more things you like.

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Maintaining Our Marketplace Integrity

We’re taking new steps to make sure you can sell in a healthy, vibrant and trusted environment. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing Etsy’s VP of Voice: Farai Chideya

As Etsy grows, its story yearns to reach new audiences and communities. Meet VP of Voice, Farai Chideya.

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Come Craft in Brooklyn & San Francisco

Craft a card for Mother’s Day and screenprint like Sister Corita in the next round of coast-to-coast crafting events.

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Etsy Takes a Breathalyzer Test

Etsy’s office ecologist provides thoughtful context to the Etsy’s office’s energy consumption. Heavy breathing results.

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A New Homepage for New Visitors

Our new design aims to introduce Etsy to first-time visitors more effectively and encourage them to join the community. handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: New International Homepages

Just in time for Euro Week, Etsy is more global than ever with localized home pages for our German, French, Dutch and UK members.

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Rethinking Feedback

CEO Rob Kalin and COO Adam Freed respond to concerns about purchase feedback and privacy on Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: February 2011 Weather Report

Get ready to hug it out: last month, love was in the air as the Etsy community kept thriving.

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Tech Update: Find Your Friends on Etsy

Discover the people you know and love on Etsy. The new Find Your Friends tool makes connecting easier than ever.

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Tech Update: A New Header Just for You

Etsy is getting more personalized, and the new header that just went live at the top of every page is all about you.

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Etsy Statistics: January 2011 Weather Report

When the Etsy community starts a new year, they do it with a bang! Check out the incredible Etsy milestone that is one for the record books.