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Sharing on Pinterest

We’ve been working with Pinterest to ensure better item attribution, and today they have made some changes that we think will help sellers even more. handmade and vintage goods

Sharing Favorites With Friends

Making discoveries on Etsy is even more satisfying now that you can add your Favorites to your Facebook Timeline. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing an About Page for Your Shop

In a continued effort to give shop owners more opportunities to tell their stories, today we’re launching an About page for your shop. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy for iPhone: Shop Stats and More

Almost 1 in 5 visits to Etsy is from a mobile device, and today we have some exciting updates for those on the go. handmade and vintage goods

No Longer Pay for Quantity Up Front

Today we’re excited to announce a highly-requested change to fees for listings with a quantity greater than one. handmade and vintage goods

Migrate With Us From Showcase to Search Ads

Our data shows that buyers who click on Search Ads are three times more likely to make purchases vs. clicks on Showcase spots. Time for a change! handmade and vintage goods

Announcing Etsy Weddings & Wedding Registry

We’re introducing a brand new browsing experience for a category we love. handmade and vintage goods

The International Flavour (and Flavor) of Etsy

The site is expanding its language capabilities to play nice with British English. Cheers! handmade and vintage goods

March 2012 Site Performance Report

Love a good graph? Check in with the speed of the site in the first report for 2012. handmade and vintage goods

Exploring Etsy Shops With Related Items

This feature experiment graduates to prime time, helping shoppers find more of what they’re looking for on the listing page.