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Introducing Etsy for iPhone

The app is here! Reach into your pocket and discover a world of gifts. handmade and vintage goods

Items Just for You — Just in Time for the Holidays

Personalized recommendations are crucial for an engaging shopping experience. Today, we launched a new way to discover items on Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Every Friend Deserves the Perfect Gift

Etsy’s tool pulls smart gift recommendations based on your friends’ Facebook interests. handmade and vintage goods

Improving Etsy Emails

This holiday season, many will make their first purchase on Etsy. Upcoming email improvements will keep first-time shoppers coming back for more. handmade and vintage goods

An Update From Etsy Mobile

Getting your Etsy fix on the go is now faster, easier, and even more pleasurable. handmade and vintage goods

Explore the Next Frontier

Interested in being a part of Etsy’s creative process? Try out our developers’ new ideas with Etsy Prototypes. handmade and vintage goods

Socialize Your Shop: Connect to Facebook and Twitter

You’re already tweeting process photos and sharing coupon codes on your shop’s Page, now it’s easier than ever before. handmade and vintage goods

Names and Shops on Etsy

Changes are underway to let you be yourself across the Etsy universe. handmade and vintage goods

Learning From Our Features

As we iterate and move forward, some features must be left behind. handmade and vintage goods

Behind the Curtain: How We Serve Search Ads

Search Ads engineer Steve explains the finer points of when search ads are displayed and which search queries trigger keywords. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing New Ways to Shop

Explore Etsy through our new interest-based pages: Fashion, Home and Garden, and Kids. handmade and vintage goods

Behind the Curtain: The Strategy of Search Ads

The director of data and search at Etsy explains the thinking that went into the design of our new advertising system. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing Search Ads on Etsy!

Yearning for a new way to promote your shop? Search Ads put your items right where you want them. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: August 2011 Weather Report

While the kids crack open fresh algebra textbooks, you can crunch some numbers all your own.

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The Latest Addition to The Etsy Blog Family

You can now follow all the news about product launches, new initiatives at Etsy and life inside the company on this blog.

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Introducing Etsy’s Australian Community Manager

Etsy’s international presence is growing. Meet our first Australian community manager, Kirsteene Phelan.

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Tech Update: August 2011 Site Performance Report

Ever wonder how the Etsy home page loads so quickly? We’re working to make page generation time as fast as possible.

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Come Sew With Brett Bara at Etsy Labs

Craft Night is always a party, but this time, even more so. Join the festive fun with needle in hand!

60 handmade and vintage goods

Make Your Own Bag at the Etsy Labs

Your luscious farmers market bounty is not going to carry itself. Join Bags for the People for a workshop of toting glory.

36 handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: July 2011 Weather Report

July was another sizzling month for Etsy. Check out the numbers to see how the community is doing!