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Discover More on Etsy: The New Activity Feed

Oodles of just-your-style finds await in the newly-designed Activity Feed. handmade and vintage goods

Update on Etsy Coupon Codes

Shop owners can now offer a fixed discount on their items, and can set a price minimum for coupons. handmade and vintage goods

Shipping Rates Update for Sellers

With the start of each year comes new prices and service changes from USPS, which will also be reflected on any postage purchased through Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Jewelry on Etsy: Is Anything Finer?

Etsy’s got you covered to share love in all shapes and sizes — including a new way to shop for fine jewelry! handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Habla Español

If you roll your r’s and consider the ñ one of the most significant characters in your alphabet: take a moment to celebrate Etsy in Spanish.

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Three Cheers for Apps: New Etsy for Android

As more people use handheld devices to access Etsy from wherever they are, we want to make sure they’re getting Etsy at its best. handmade and vintage goods

Find Your Holiday Gifts With the New Etsy for iPad

Today, just in time for the holiday buzz, we’re unveiling a new way to tap into one-of-a-kind items. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Parla l’Italiano

Raise a glass of vino in celebration of this community-powered site-wide translation!

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Direct Checkout Milestones

We’ve been making improvements in leaps and bounds to direct checkout in recent weeks, based on top requests from the community. handmade and vintage goods

The Power of Etsy in Your Pocket, Poche, Tasche

The latest version of Etsy for iPhone adds languages and listing features to make shopping and selling easier anytime, anywhere. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Gift Cards Are Here!

Give the gift of discovery with an Etsy gift card. handmade and vintage goods

Save Time With Listing Variations

Listing Variations enable sellers to highlight product details and gather requisite details from buyers at the time of purchase. handmade and vintage goods

Better Ways to Browse: A New Look at the Marketplace

Browsing through thousands of items doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s a new way to discover treasures on Etsy, just in time for the holidays! handmade and vintage goods

Safety (and Privacy) First

We’re launching three new optional security settings that offer Etsy members further control and visibility into their accounts. handmade and vintage goods

Update to Search Ads on Etsy

With a year of Search Ads performance data and feedback to guide us, we’re releasing some changes to make promoting during the holidays even better. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing Etsy Seller Protection

Etsy’s new, comprehensive Seller Protection Program will ensure that our members have a safe and smooth experience buying and selling on Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Wholesale on the Horizon

We’ll soon be launching Etsy Wholesale — a place for vendors and retailers to connect and discover unique products. handmade and vintage goods

An Update on Direct Checkout

Accepting credit cards directly through your shop is now even more seamless. And with free processing fees through September 30, how can you resist? handmade and vintage goods

Announcing Etsy Gift Cards!

This holiday season, everyone can get exactly what they want. handmade and vintage goods

Update on Weddings

We tried something new with the Weddings experience as part of a concentrated effort to make browsing on Etsy more engaging and useful.