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Notes From Chad

We’re clearing up long-standing confusion through new Guidelines that give sellers more opportunities to run their businesses their way. handmade and vintage goods

Pages: Explore Etsy Through Tastemakers You Love

We’ve partnered up with brands and bloggers who celebrate Etsy’s items and makers, and boast strong editorial chops when it comes to curation. handmade and vintage goods

5 Stars for Etsy’s New Review System

Today we’re excited to share our new review system, making feedback more fair, transparent and meaningful – for everyone. handmade and vintage goods

Get Facts in a Flash With the New Shop Dashboard

We’re saving sellers time (and effort!) with a brand new dashboard for all their important shop details. handmade and vintage goods

Direct Checkout Is Now Global!

Grow your shop with buyers from around the world. handmade and vintage goods

Monitor Your Account With Sign In Notifications

Keep tabs on your security by monitoring which devices are signing in to your Etsy account. handmade and vintage goods

Policy Update: Prohibited Animal Products

Today we take a step forward to help protect the diverse species of wildlife with which we share our planet. handmade and vintage goods

Favorite Lists: Collect to Your Heart’s Content

Whether you’re gathering ideas, creating a wish list, or sorting by themes, Favorite Lists makes collecting easy and fun! What’s your curation style?

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New and Improved Tools for Custom Requests on Etsy

Make dream items a reality on Etsy with new ways to request and manage custom orders. handmade and vintage goods

Let’s Talk About Feedback

Feedback is now on deck as a feature we’re ready and eager to improve, and we need your help! handmade and vintage goods

New Delivery Process for Digital Goods on Etsy

In this age of modernity, the transfer of creative inspiration should be instantaneous, don’t you think? handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Wholesale Beta: Open for Applications

The wheels of progress are turning! Etsy Wholesale is now in beta, and our application is now live. handmade and vintage goods

Automatic Bill Pay for Sellers

Paying bills is no one’s favorite activity, but we’re at least making it faster and easier with a new automatic payment option. handmade and vintage goods

Discover More on Etsy: The New Activity Feed

Oodles of just-your-style finds await in the newly-designed Activity Feed. handmade and vintage goods

Update on Etsy Coupon Codes

Shop owners can now offer a fixed discount on their items, and can set a price minimum for coupons. handmade and vintage goods

Shipping Rates Update for Sellers

With the start of each year comes new prices and service changes from USPS, which will also be reflected on any postage purchased through Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Jewelry on Etsy: Is Anything Finer?

Etsy’s got you covered to share love in all shapes and sizes — including a new way to shop for fine jewelry! handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Habla Español

If you roll your r’s and consider the ñ one of the most significant characters in your alphabet: take a moment to celebrate Etsy in Spanish.

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Three Cheers for Apps: New Etsy for Android

As more people use handheld devices to access Etsy from wherever they are, we want to make sure they’re getting Etsy at its best.