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It Gets Better: Etsy Admin

Etsy Admin, gay and straight, share testimonials of bullying, strife and wisdom gleaned from their teen years. To anyone struggling: we hear you.

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The Milliners of Etsy Challenge

Taking inspiration from vintage velvet dresses and red satin ruching, these hat-making teammates embarked on a communal creative endeavor.

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Dare to Be Different: Finding Courage in Community and Creativity

Inspired by the It Gets Better campaign, the Etsy Queer Street Team shares personal stories of how art saved them at their lowest points in life.

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Open the Door to an Artisan Studio Tour

Call it conscious consumerism, call it locavorism, call it the handmade movement. We’ve got a growing hunger to connect with craftspeople.

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How-Tuesday: Sailor’s Knot Bracelets

Summer is a time to hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean, and exchange sailor bracelets with new friends you may never meet again. Meli, a.k.a. Meliannaa, Corey, a.k.a. sansmap, and Jen, a.k.a. mellowbeing, of The {NewNew}, a team of New York-based Etsy sellers, will be on Governor’s Island, NY on July 17, 2010 from 2-5…

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Trunk Show: SF Etsy Style

Jen Johnson is the mama in Mama’s Magic Studio, as well as team leader for the SF Etsy Street Team. Jen has been selling jewelry, handcrafted knitting needles and other “handmade magic” on Etsy since 2006. Shopping and selling on Etsy rocks, but I think a good trunk show is even better. When the SF…

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How to Organize a Craft Show With HandmadeMN

Every year the summer season blooms with craft fairs and markets showcasing the handmade work of independent designers across the country and the world. In this week’s edition of How-Tuesday, Julie Meyer from HandmadeMN, a team of Etsy sellers based in Minnesota, shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the organization and process of their first craft…

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Etsy U Abroad: A Student’s Guide to Jet-Setting in Style

Erica Macaranas is the self-taught fashion designer behind Sweets and Hearts and writes a fashion style blog of the same name. She recently graduated from Woodbury University with a degree in fashion marketing. She is the founder and  leader of Etsy U, an Etsy team for college students that allows its members to network, interact,…

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Goodbye Dorm-Life, Hello First Apartment

Arielle Wilkins is currently a college student, as well as a member of the Etsy Street Team, Etsy U, whose members are entirely made up of current college students. On her time off from school she works on her brand Abreaka Studios, as she creates in-your-face bold and vibrant works of art. She also spends…

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Celebrate Gay Pride With The Queer Etsy Street Team

Multimedia visual artist Michelley, a.k.a. queenofqueens, was raised by a bedazzled brood of drag queens and dandies in the Northeast corner of the United States. Besieged at an early age by endless trips to the “house where George Washington slept,” Michelley retained an indoctrinated revolutionary streak, which is evident in both her visual art and…

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Father’s Day Blues With The Etsy Latino Team

The Etsy Latino Team is an active group composed of talented Latino-American artists spread around the world. Lolo Sinclair, a.k.a. lolos, is a Chilean artist working as a designer in multiple disciplines . Mariló Puerta, a.k.a. BululuStudio, is a Venezuelan artist, crafter and interior designer that loves to work with wood. Lolo and Mariló like…

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Before and After With Etsy’s Old Timers & Full-Timers

There’s a bit of a who-had-the-worst-photos competition between a few of us Etsy Admin who also run Etsy shops. Thankfully, we learned from our mistakes and over the years we worked hard to now have clear and well lit photos, but we definitely weren’t exempt from the bad lighting, blurry shots and funky graphics that…

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The Subtitled Silver Screen With the ES Etsy Team

We, the ES Etsy Team, are a group of artisans united by a common language — despite the cultural differences and geographical distances between Spanish-speaking countries. It is our shared artistic affinity and unique combination of cultures that makes it possible to discover a vast diversity of artists and products. Today we find inspiration in…

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Shop Local: Japan

The members of the growing Etsy Japan Team display a wide range of influences. Some members live under the bright lights of urban Tokyo or Osaka and others in the lush countryside. Japanese arts and crafts encompass much more than kawaii and cosplay, incorporating the juxtaposition of tradition and innovation in Japanese life and culture….

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Working Overtime: GrannysKnits

If Elaine, a.k.a. GrannysKnits, could, she would knit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Her day job at with Cindy (a.k.a. CiCiBianca) and after-hours Etsy shop both fall in line with her creative career. But her world was rocked when this grandmother became a mother again. Read about how this inspiring member…

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Greening Your Work and Life With the EcoEtsy Team

As a global coalition of eco-minded Etsy sellers, Team EcoEtsy’s mission is to protect the planet by utilizing methods to reduce the carbon footprint in managing their businesses and maintaining eco-friendly lifestyles. Not only do they practice these earth-friendly ways on a daily basis, they also try to educate the community on how to lead…

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Shop Local: Sand and Sea With the Mediterranean Team

As the Mediterranean Street Team, we would like to begin our story with the Mediterranean Sea. The word “Mediterranean” comes from the Latin mediterraneus, meaning “in the middle of the earth” (medius and terra). The Mediterranean is the sea surrounded by land and it encompasses many diverse cultures. The ebullient nature of the Mediterranean people…

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Modern Quilter Meet Ups: The Quilting Bee Comes Full Circle

A lifelong sewer/knitter and former weaver/spinner, Linzee Kull McCray, a.k.a. lkmccray, started quilting five years ago and can’t stop. Linzee is a writer and editor and she feels fortunate to meet and write about people, from scientists to stitchers, who are passionate about their work. Her freelance writing appears in Quilts and More, Stitch, Fiberarts,…

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Essential Accessories With the ES Etsy Team

We, the ES Etsy Team, are a group of artisans united by a common language — despite the cultural differences and geographical distances between Spanish-speaking countries. It is our shared artistic affinity and unique combination of cultures that makes it possible to discover a vast diversity of artists and products. Fashion accessories are a great…

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ES Etsy Team: Colaborando en Nuestro Idioma

Etsy is a huge community of artists! By learning how to become a member of one of the many Teams available, both the seasoned veteran and the newbie can benefit and feel more comfortable in this virtual space. This article is the how and when, why and who of the ES Etsy Team, a group of people brought…