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A Closer Look Into Marketplace Integrity

As leader of the MITS team, Julian checks in to share what happens when a shop is reported, and why we take the process so seriously. handmade and vintage goods

Notes From Chad

As Etsy grows to awe-inspiring numbers, it’s more important than ever before to keep things personal. Our CEO checks in. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: July 2012 Weather Report

The Etsy community zoomed through July setting records for GMS, Items Sold, and New Members.

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Etsy Sponsoring Hacker Grants for Fall

After an exciting summer session, Etsy and Hacker School are renewing their commitment to women in engineering.

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Office Ecology: Composting at Etsy

With the help of Admin volunteers, Etsy’s Office Ecologist makes his weekly pilgrimage, biking over 100 pounds of waste to a Brooklyn community farm.

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Calling Translators From Around the World

We’re releasing tools that puts the power of translation in your hands, so Etsy can reach communities all over the globe. handmade and vintage goods

Notes From Chad: Visit to the United States Senate

Etsy’s CEO went all the way to the US Capitol to discuss the powerful impact of our community on the economy.

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Etsy Statistics: June 2012 Weather Report

Etsy’s growth and seventh birthday added to the list of reasons to celebrate the summer.

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About Us: The Etsy Video Team

Our video team brings the Etsy marketplace to life, producing stunning mini-documentaries that probe into person, process, and place.

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Hack for eCommerce

Etsy is joining forces with Dwolla for a hack day that powers cash money 2.0.

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Etsy Statistics: May 2012 Weather Report

Amid the blooming flowers and rising temperatures of May, the Etsy community rode to a new level of growth.

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Update on the Hacker Grants Program

The goal was to build a gender-balanced class for the summer session of Hacker School; the results were even more inspiring.

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Etsy’s First B Corp Hack Day

In honor of Etsy’s recent certification, we spent a day collaborating on projects that focus on the company, our community, and our environment. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: April 2012 Weather Report

There are many new blooms on the horizon, the Etsy community is thriving!

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Notes From Chad: Funding Etsy’s Future

Etsy’s CEO on our social mission, our new B Corp certification and the changes that a new round of investment in the company will enable. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Joins the B Corporation Movement

We’ve been certified as a B Corp, a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. handmade and vintage goods

An Etsy Wedding Wonderland: To Have and To Hold

More than 1,000 attendees were wowed at last week’s NYC showcase of everything wedding and wonderful on Etsy. Break out the bubbly! handmade and vintage goods

A Multitude of Opportunities With Wholesale

Meet Dev Tandon, founder of Trunkt, newest member of the Etsy team, and bona fide wholesale guru. handmade and vintage goods

Notes From Chad

Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson takes a step back to talk about marketplace policy and transparency. handmade and vintage goods

The “Who” of Handmade

Etsy’s mission has always included a desire to bring the human element back to commerce. So what does that look like as Etsy shops grow?