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Etsy Statistics: January 2013 Weather Report

The holidays may have passed, but the Etsy community kept up a flurry of activity to usher in 2013.

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Etsy and Rockford Team Up on Craft Entrepreneurship

We partnered up with the city of Rockford, Illinois, to develop a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship training program for the “Etsy Economy.”

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The Etsy Community Is Now 25 Million Members Strong!

Join Hoover (one of our beloved office dogs) in rolling around in some confetti as we celebrate this exciting milestone.

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Etsy Wholesale: Local Artists Pave the Way at Nordstrom

Gearing up for the launch of Etsy Wholesale’s invite-only beta, we’re busy building relationships with retailers big and small.

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Tracking Etsy’s Carbon Footprint

As the company continues to grow rapidly, it’s more important than ever before to measure and improve our ecological impact.

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Update on Etsy Gift Cards

Tallying up the numbers for Etsy Gift Cards shows just how excited we all are to give the gift of shopping on Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

Notes From Chad: 2012 Year in Review

Our CEO reflects on 2012, celebrating 70% year-over-year growth in sales and 10M new members added to the community. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Gets Faster

It’s time for another site performance update — prepare to have your hair blown back by the forceful fiber-optic gales. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Acquires Mixel

With mobile visits on Etsy having grown 244% in the past year, we’re adding some creative app innovators to our team. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: December 2012 Weather Report

The ultimate month of gifting set new records for the Etsy community in GMS, items sold, and new members!

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About Us: Community and Support Operations

Heather Jassy, who works with the Admin who directly support the community, shares what inspires their goals and development.

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Etsy Investing in Google Product Listing Ads for Sellers

Google Product Search has moved towards a paid-only model, but fret not — we’ve got your back. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Statistics: November 2012 Weather Report

Raise a glass of mulled wine to toast our first-ever month of over $100 million of items sold!

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Celebrating a Record-Breaking Weekend

Our CEO takes a look at the community’s chart-busting holiday sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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Etsy Statistics: October 2012 Weather Report

Let’s reflect on last month’s record-breaking numbers as we prepare for the invigorating holiday figures to come.

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Gathering Around the Table at Eatsy

At Etsy HQ, locally-sourced company lunches aim to take the same handmade, know-your-maker approach to food that it cultivates within the community.

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Etsy and West Elm: Artists in Your Own Backyard

Etsy and West Elm join forces to launch in-store handmade collections in Palo Alto, Costa Mesa, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, and Indianapolis.

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Notes From Chad

Our CEO looks towards the fast-approaching peak holiday season, and 2012 momentum to date. handmade and vintage goods

Hello Etsy Conference: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

At this energizing and inspiring gathering of small business leaders, mindfulness, authenticity, and creativity were celebrated.

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Etsy Statistics: September 2012 Weather Report

Apple picking season began in New York last month, bringing a fruitful period for the Etsy community as well.