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Etsy Cup Exchange for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Etsy HQ is launching a reusable cup exchange program in our continued efforts to reduce office waste.

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Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Expands to 3 New Cities

Chad Dickerson and Chelsea Clinton spoke about the future of Etsy’s program in helping communities turn their craft skills into supplemental income.

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Security Update: OpenSSL Heartbleed

This vulnerability represented a risk to a great number of Internet sites, but we quickly fixed the issues identified as affecting

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Etsy Wholesale: Our Spring Fling With Indigo

Etsy’s partnering with Indigo, Canada’s largest book retailer, to bring unique goods from independent artists to more shelves everywhere.

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Kids Hack Day at Etsy

On March 1, Etsy joined forces with Kids Hack Day to encourage the next generation of innovators.

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Etsy’s 2013 Values & Impact Annual Report

Read up on Etsy’s progress when it comes to measuring our commitments to our employees, communities, and planet.

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Notes From Chad: 2013 Year in Review

Before we jump into our goals on the horizon, join Etsy’s CEO in a look back over the past year.

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Clarifying Our Guidelines on Outside Manufacturing

We’ve decided to eliminate the confusing exemptions for sellers applying to work with an outside business to produce their designs.

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Craft Entrepreneurship: Year in Review

An innovative partnership has empowered a new group of Etsy sellers.

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Etsy Statistics: November 2013 Weather Report

Frolic through an overview of site-wide numbers.

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Notes From Chad: Holiday Season Starts Strong

Etsy’s CEO shares some Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers that will surely fill your heart with cheer.

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Etsy Statistics: October 2013 Weather Report

Finish off the last of your candy stash as you sink your teeth into some site-wide data.

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Etsy Sellers’ Economic Impact

Our report reveals Etsy sellers are unique entrepreneurs, building creative businesses on their own terms.

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Etsy and Whole Foods Market: Ingredients for Creativity

Together, Whole Foods Market and Etsy are decking the halls to bring you curated gifts and DIY craft tutorials from our community of artists.

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Urgent Phone Support Launching in November

Starting soon, Etsy will offer phone support for members who have questions about Direct Checkout or shop suspensions.

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Etsy Statistics: September 2013 Weather Report

Check out an overview of site-wide numbers for the past month of community activity.

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A Frank Conversation About Resellers

Many in the Etsy community have voiced their concern about sellers who break the rules. We want to talk about it.

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Craft Entrepreneurship Launches in Rockford and NYC

Classes focused on turning craft skills into economic opportunity for underemployed communities have begun in our two pilot cities!

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Etsy Statistics: August 2013 Weather Report

The summer light might be fading, but can you smell the faint whiff of holiday traffic in the air?

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Hello Etsy Video: Charles Eisenstein

Are community-led marketplaces signs of a new economy? Catch up with the ideas shared at the Hello Etsy conference via our lecture video series.