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What’s in a Team?

Teams have been one of the driving force of the Etsy community since day one. Learn about how you can be a part of the magic.

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I Heart Art: San Francisco

Let the brainstorming begin! We want your ideas for how Etsy can encourage community involvement with small creative business owners.

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Etsy Team Grants: April Winners Announced

Meet the Etsy Teams who were awarded grants last month as part of our efforts to support local grassroots community organizing.

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Smorgasburg Seeks Etsians

Brooklyn is about to get a whole lot fatter with The Flea’s new all-food market. If you sell edibles or kitchenwares, get involved!

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Etsy Team Success: Eco Etsy and Sprint

One of the greenest teams on Etsy is getting their big break! This creative partnership will put Etsy items in the hands of cell phone users.

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Etsy Team Grants: March Winners Announced!

Find out what creative projects these teams have planned as part of Etsy’s program to subsidize outreach and grassroots promotion.

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Not Just a Container: The Dekalb Market Contest

A new marketplace opening this summer in downtown Brooklyn is hosting a contest to find the most innovative use for a recycled shipping container.

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Globally Yours: Euro Week 2011

Join us in a celebration of European art and artists from March 21-27, 2011. Find out what you can do to spread the global love!

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Thinking of Japan

After the recent tragic events in our global community, here are a few ways you can help heal a nation.

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Etsy Team Grants: February Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Read about where last month’s funding is going.

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A Community Love Connection

Two members of the Etsy community find artistic inspiration in one another, proving that there’s nothing quite as special as a human connection.

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Calling All RISD Alumni and Students: Join the Etsy Team

Etsy and RISD, BFFs forever! Find out how to join the Official Team.

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It Gets Better: Etsy Admin

Etsy Admin, gay and straight, share testimonials of bullying, strife and wisdom gleaned from their teen years. To anyone struggling: we hear you.

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The Milliners of Etsy Challenge

Taking inspiration from vintage velvet dresses and red satin ruching, these hat-making teammates embarked on a communal creative endeavor.

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Dare to Be Different: Finding Courage in Community and Creativity

Inspired by the It Gets Better campaign, the Etsy Queer Street Team shares personal stories of how art saved them at their lowest points in life.

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Open the Door to an Artisan Studio Tour

Call it conscious consumerism, call it locavorism, call it the handmade movement. We’ve got a growing hunger to connect with craftspeople.

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I Heart Art: Portland — Mixer Match and Going Green

“Sustainability is maintaining the success of your business and keeping the local and global environments healthy and vibrant,” say these Portlanders.

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Community Council Summary: June 2010

Hello, Etsy community! As the Community Council worked through its sixth and final month, those members participating in discussions shared their thoughts on recent changes to the site and welcomed our new Director of Community, Etsy’s own Vanessa, into the conversation. First among topics discussed was a subject that had come up in prior months:…

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How-Tuesday: Sailor’s Knot Bracelets

Summer is a time to hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean, and exchange sailor bracelets with new friends you may never meet again. Meli, a.k.a. Meliannaa, Corey, a.k.a. sansmap, and Jen, a.k.a. mellowbeing, of The {NewNew}, a team of New York-based Etsy sellers, will be on Governor’s Island, NY on July 17, 2010 from 2-5…

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Trunk Show: SF Etsy Style

Jen Johnson is the mama in Mama’s Magic Studio, as well as team leader for the SF Etsy Street Team. Jen has been selling jewelry, handcrafted knitting needles and other “handmade magic” on Etsy since 2006. Shopping and selling on Etsy rocks, but I think a good trunk show is even better. When the SF…