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Policy Update: Prohibited Animal Products

Today we take a step forward to help protect the diverse species of wildlife with which we share our planet. handmade and vintage goods

Policy Update: Changes to the Prohibited Items List

The Policy Team has made some tweaks to the DOs and DON’Ts as part of their ongoing efforts to ensure a safe marketplace. handmade and vintage goods

The “Who” of Handmade

Etsy’s mission has always included a desire to bring the human element back to commerce. So what does that look like as Etsy shops grow? handmade and vintage goods

Defining Handmade on Etsy

There’s more than one handmade story to tell. handmade and vintage goods

Updates to Etsy’s Privacy Policy

An overview of the recent changes to the Privacy Policy. handmade and vintage goods

Policy Update: Labeling Items

We’ve revisited and revised Etsy’s rules for labeling items to complement recent changes to search.

Policy update: canceling a transaction for return/refund

As of today, we've expanded Etsy's policy for canceling transactions. A shop owner may now cancel a transaction in the event that the buyer has returned the item to the seller, and the seller has provided a refund to the buyer (at a minimum for the price of the item). You can read the updated… Continue reading

Changes to Prohibited Items Policy

Hi, everyone. Etsy's COO, Adam, has just posted an announcement on the blog about some changes to our Prohibited Items policy in the DOs & DON'Ts of Etsy that take effect today. Please read the announcement: You may review the new policy here: If you have questions about how this policy change impacts your shop… Continue reading

Help site errors (Aug 10, 2010)

Just a quick note to let you know we are aware that the Help site ( ) is currently experiencing some issues. We are working with the company that hosts our Help site to get it back up and running as soon as possible. We're sorry for the trouble. * * * * *… Continue reading

Monthly billing emails get a new look

Hello sellers! On July 1 when you receive your monthly emailed billing statement from Etsy, you will notice that it has a new look. This is part of a larger project to bring all the various emails from Etsy into a similar format. Don't worry — All the information and billing policies remain the same… Continue reading