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Just Added: Pinterest Pin It Button

It’s easier than ever to share Etsy items on Pinterest, an online pinboard for organizing and sharing things you like.

Google Product Search Syndication: Shops Added Daily

Hi all, Many shops have received access to Etsy’s Google Product Search Syndication feature over the last few months, and updates from syndicated shops are appearing on Google Product Search faster than ever. Google Product Search is one of Etsy’s fastest growing sources of traffic, and we expect this trend to continue into the holiday… Continue reading

Google Product Search Syndication: Updated

Hi all, Etsy has migrated to Google's new Content API for Shopping. Shop owners with access to Google Product Search Syndication will continue to have their item listings submitted to Google Product Search. There will be no interruption in service and no action is required. So what's changed? We've added support for the Google Product… Continue reading

Meet your fellow favoriters

Discover people who like the kind of things you like, so you can find more things you like. handmade and vintage goods

Meet Your Fellow Favoriters

It’s now easier than ever to discover people who like the kind of things you like, so you can find more things you like.

Etsy Treasury: now better, stronger, faster

Hi all, Etsy's Treasury, our member-curated shopping gallery, is now faster than ever with a whole new backend, and a few new features were just rolled out. 1. Add Treasury lists to your favorites! Look for the new Favorite button on Treasury lists. Save lists you like to your favorites, and revisit them later. When… Continue reading

Share on Facebook and Twitter with one click

Hi all, We just made sharing Etsy pages on Facebook and Twitter a little bit easier. You can now Like Etsy pages on Facebook, or Tweet them on Twitter, with one click. Look for the new Like and Tweet buttons on Etsy listings, shops and Treasury lists. A few Qs and As: Q: What happens… Continue reading

Answers to recent questions about privacy and profiles

Hi all, Here are answers to some recent questions that have come up about privacy and public profiles on Etsy. * Can members opt out of search? This seems to be a common point of confusion. You can opt out of being found by your email address, if you don't want to be found when… Continue reading

How many circles are you in?

We just made it easier to find out. Circle counts for members are now visible throughout the site: on profiles, shop pages and listing pages. If you're a shop owner, being favorited by someone with a high circle count means exposure — everyone who's added that person to their circle will become aware of your… Continue reading

A smoother sign-in and registration experience

Hi all, An improvement to the sign-in and registration experience is being rolled out now, designed to make signing in or registering easy and seamless in all contexts. Soon you'll be able to sign in or register without leaving the page you're on — an overlay will be activated atop the page and allow you… Continue reading