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Etsy Acquires Mixel

With mobile visits on Etsy having grown 244% in the past year, we’re adding some creative app innovators to our team. handmade and vintage goods

The Etsy Holiday Shop

In December we unveiled Etsy’s first-ever official retail space — check out photos and videos of all the in-real-life magic!

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The Etsy Holiday Shop Opens Today in New York

Come on by for one-of-a-kind gifts, scintillating lectures, hands-on tutorials, live music, food tastings, book signings, and more! handmade and vintage goods

A New Homepage for New Visitors

Today we’re beginning to test a new homepage designed specifically for first-time visitors. Please read our announcement in the blog: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available here: What has changed on the Etsy homepage and why? What is the Taste Test? How do I take it? How are items selected for the Taste Test?…

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Ending IE6 Support on October 1, 2010

On October 1, 2010 we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 on We recommend upgrading to one of the following modern browsers prior to October 1st, so you can continue using Etsy without any stumbling points: Download Firefox: Download Safari: Download Chrome: Download Internet Explorer 7 or 8: – Why are we phasing…

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Header Link Changes

Hi Everyone, We just rolled out some changes to the Etsy header which changes the location of some links. We know these changes can sometimes be surprising at first, so we wanted to share the reasoning behind them. First, the vast majority of major e-commerce sites present the cart total on the right hand side…