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Etsy Cup Exchange for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Etsy HQ is launching a reusable cup exchange program in our continued efforts to reduce office waste. handmade and vintage goods

Kids Hack Day at Etsy

On March 1, Etsy joined forces with Kids Hack Day to encourage the next generation of innovators. handmade and vintage goods

Microfunding for the Big Picture: Etsy Little Rock and Kiva

Even Bill Clinton came out to commend the Etsy Little Rock team for their collaborative efforts in financing small businesses. handmade and vintage goods

Celebrating Etsy Team Spirit

The camaraderie that powers the heart of the Etsy Teams community is truly a marvelous thing. handmade and vintage goods

Home for the Holidays!

Many Etsy Admin will be traveling around the world during the holidays, and we want to take this opportunity to connect with our community. handmade and vintage goods

Hurricane Sandy Community Aftermath

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our local community came together to contribute to relief efforts, but there’s still lots of work to be done. handmade and vintage goods

Team Spirit Awards 2012

Let your team colors fly! Who deserves recognition for their hard work? handmade and vintage goods

The Vintage Etsy Society Connects Offline

Physical distance may separate these teammates, but their passion for collaboration trumped all when organizing a booth fit for a bonanza. handmade and vintage goods

Take the Lead — Etsy Teams Handbook

Wondering what it takes to lead an Etsy team? Use this handbook as your guiding light. handmade and vintage goods

Teams Have Spirit, Yes They Do

From mentorship programs to charity fundraising, the winners of the Team Spirit Awards exemplify the community and cooperation at the heart of Etsy.