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Etsy Is Coming to Australia

Matt Stinchcomb, Etsy’s European Director, will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne June 3-5, 2011. Come say hello.

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A Summit on Small Business and Sustainability

In Berlin, Germany, Etsy will be holding its first ever conference September 17-18, 2011. It’s time for small businesses to take back commerce.

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Postcard From Europe #13: UK, FR, and DE Meet Ups

Next week, an envoy of eager Etsy Admin will be in Europe for meetings. While there, they will play host to three international-focused meet ups.

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Tech Update: List Items and Receive Payments in Your Currency

We’ve taken another step on the road to more fully supporting our members outside of the United States.

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Postcard From Europe #12: Upcoming Etsy Events in Europe

Guten tag from Berlin! We have been busy hosting events all over Europe and have even more coming up. Will you join us?

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Postcard From Europe #11: Etsy European Team Update

Meet the folks who are working to bring Etsy to Europe. See what we’re up to as work in Etsy’s Berlin office continues at an accelerated pace.

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UK Edition: New UK Newsletter Sign-Up

Hear ye, hear ye, UK! I’m delighted to inform you that you can sign up for the brand new Etsy UK Newsletter below. Just what can you expect to receive in your inbox? Well, in these beginning stages you’ll be intermittently hearing from Matt and me about Etsy UK news, local events, and we’ll even…

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Postcard From Europe # 10: New International Forums and Berlin Art Opening

Update: the exhibition at Etsy’s Berlin office has been postponed. Stay tuned to the blog for an announcement of a new date. July 12, 2010Berlin, Germany Friends, We are home from a lil’ vacation in the United States (hi, Mom!), and could not be more excited to jump right back into things with both guns…

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Postcard From Europe # 9: DMY in Berlin

June 10, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear friends, From June 9 – 13, Etsy is proud to be supporting and participating in the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin. Now in its eighth year, DMY focuses on inspirational and conceptual design, and features pioneering products and experimental prototypes by more than 400 designers from around the world….

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Etsy Meet Ups in Hamburg and Amsterdam

Hallo! Dag! I wanted to give you all a quick reminder of two Etsy meet ups in Europe this week: 1. June 3, 2010: Hamburg, Germany Ahoy! Not only is Hamburg home to the world’s ninth largest port, it is also a hotbed of activity for creative Germans. We (Matt and Marie) are very excited…

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Postcard From Europe # 8

May 20, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Friends, Things are moving at quite a clip here in our Berlin office. Every day we are broadening our initiatives and helping Etsy spread her arms ever farther around Europe. I’ve got quite a few updates today, so, if you’ll allow, I’ll skip the pleasantries and jump right in. Tally…

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Postcard From Europe 7

April 23, 2010Berlin, Germany Guten tag! Over the last couple of frigid months in Berlin we have been busy as die Biber cranking away on our French and German blogs, hosting Etsy events, talking with Etsy buyers and sellers, working with the local media, and establishing Etsy in Europe. We have been learning a great…

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Postcard From Europe # 6

April 8, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Friends, Berlin’s DIY scene was in full effect last Thursday to celebrate the opening of the Etsy Labs. People were rocking the dance floor, filling up on Bratwürstchen, and admiring our lovingly curated exhibition with fashion accessories from around the world. It was a great success! The first of our…

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Postcard From Europe # 5: München mag Dich. Well, Munich, I like you, too.

March 26, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Friends, To many of us Americans, Munich is a city defined by its cliches. We imagine that everyone from age 1 to 100 is wearing a dirndl and/or lederhosen, eating a giant pretzel, and singing their way across a mountain meadow, en route to the Hofbräuhaus. When not drinking beer,…

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Etsy Goes Euro: Euro Week 2010

UPDATE: There will be a special craft night in Paris this Thursday, March 25. Details below! Paris Craft Night: Thursday, March 25th, 19h30 to 23h30 at “Le Comptoir Général” 80 quai de Jemmapes Paris 10eme (métro : République). View Map.  More details on the new French blog and on this Facebook event page. Entrance is…

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It’s Euro Week at Etsy

There are about 50 or so countries in Europe, (45 “main” ones, as well as a handful of other diplomatically recognized entities within them). Amazingly enough, in the last month on Etsy we had visitors from every single one of them. From Albania to Vatican City and everywhere in between — yes, even in all…

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Postcard From Europe # 4

4. March, 2010Berlin, Germany Guten Tag, On my short trip to the Bayernland last week I had the chance to visit the Internationale Handwerksmesse, an international maker celebration that has taken place in Munich since 1949. Last year, the fair, with about 1000 exhibitors from 30 different countries, managed to attract 170,000 visitors over eight…

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Postcard From Europe # 3

March 2, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Friends, Greetings from Berlin. I’m back at Etsy HQ after Benedikta and I spent the weekend diving head first into Finland and splashing vowels everywhere. On Thursday night we had the great honor of spending a few hours with a talented group of Finnish makers. We gathered in a lovely…

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Postcard From Europe #2

February 26, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Friends, Etsy Labs Berlin, Etsy’s first international office, is well on its way to becoming a dream in vintage and handmade. Our goal is to create an inspiring and efficient work environment showcasing only vintage and handmade products from around the world. No newly mass-produced goods will ever sully our…

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Postcard From Europe #1

February 18, 2010Berlin, Germany Dear Etsy, Welcome to the first of our Postcards From Europe, I hope this one finds you well. About a month ago, Benedikta, my wife and coworker, and I were sent  to Germany to kick off the on-the-ground portion of Etsy’s international expansion. We’ve opened a small office in Berlin from…