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Tech Update: Rainbow Connection Mandala

A rainbow connection mandala has been added to the Treasury. Most of you will see the mandala as it should be viewed, slowly growing in complexity until completing in a rainbow arrangement of successful connection.  The mandala is generatively constructed and thus different each time. Connection failures are also indicated in more detail.  A failed…

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Tech Update: Treasury, Chat, and Virtual Lab Server Upgrade

Good news! The Treasury, Chat Rooms, and Virtual Labs are getting a significant server upgrade. The change is being made to address a number of key performance issues caused by record high usage. If the old server was a Honda Insight, the new server is a Tesla Roadster.  Yes, it’s quite fast. In order to…

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Tech Update: The Virtual Labs Gets a Facelift!

Today you might notice a brand new look and a few new features when entering the Virtual Labs lobby! We have condensed down Virtual Labs from 18 rooms to 9 essential rooms.  We also added a brand spanking new events schedule!  You can now find out about all upcoming events by taking a quick peek…

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Color Picker Update: Filter by Search Terms

The Color Picker, one of our oldest and most iconic features, has received a significant update today. Now you can filter your color picking by using search terms! First, enter what you’re looking for in the text field on the left, then click a color on the right. You’ll get some listings that match both…

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Tech Updates: Pounce for the Undiscovered!

We’ve just added a new feature to our newest way to shop, Pounce.   Previously, it was a way to find other items by a seller who just made a sale. Now you can also find items just listed by sellers who have yet to make any sales.  So support the Etsy underdogs, the Featured Sellers…

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“Hearts Me” modified to show in batches of 100

The Hearts Me feature has been modified slightly. For those sellers and items with more than 100 hearts, they are now shown in batches of 100. Two new buttons now exist below the hearts spiral that allow you to see the next or previous batch of 100 hearts. The change was made for performance gains….

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TechUpdates: Shoppers Pounce on a New Flash Feature

 Here is a simple, lightweight Flash tool to help you shop: Pounce. Pounce provides a way to browse listings by recently purchased items. Each time Pounce loads, it randomly shows you a listing that has recently sold. To the right are more listings from the same shop. Reload quickly by pressing the ‘Pounce again…’ button….

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Poster Contest Opt-Out Week

The time has come to begin printing the winning entries from the poster contest we had last month.  The contest itself was a great success.  We had over 1000 entries, 60 winning posters, and 180 honorable mentions. The original plan was to individually contact every seller who had an item included on a winner poster. …

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Happy Birthday Etsians!

  From this day forward, we want to help you celebrate one of the most important days of the year… your birthday! So we created a Happy Birthday Etsians page – out of warm and fuzzy thoughts – just for you. Feel free to help us celebrate an Etsian’s birthday today by visiting their shop….

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Introducing Our New Geolocator

Update: Geolocator has since settled into retirement.

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Etsy Poster Challenge

We’ve got a new challenge for all you Treasury curators! Please see this forum thread for details. Good luck! Note: This was originally posted in the Etsy Garden.