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Company Culture: The Dogs of Etsy

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but here at Etsy HQ, they’re even more than that — inspiring creativity, productivity, and a sense of community.

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IdeaCraft: Arianna Huffington Visits Etsy HQ

In the first installment of IdeaCraft, Arianna Huffington visits Etsy for a fireside chat about leadership, fearlessness and finding your passion.

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Gathering Around the Table at Eatsy

At Etsy HQ, locally-sourced company lunches aim to take the same handmade, know-your-maker approach to food that it cultivates within the community.

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Office Ecology: Composting at Etsy

With the help of Admin volunteers, Etsy’s Office Ecologist makes his weekly pilgrimage, biking over 100 pounds of waste to a Brooklyn community farm.