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Tech Update: Scheduled Site Maintenance

UPDATE: All done! On Monday, February 23rd from 2am EST until 6am EST, we will be doing scheduled maintenance on Etsy’s systems. (Click here to translate this time on a world clock.) During this time period, all functions on the site will be unavailable and all Etsy users will be directed to a page that…

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CPSIA: It's February 10th, So Now What?

Matt just posted this article summarizing the latest news about the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). Please see his post for info: And please see the handy CPSIA forum below for discussion: Keep up the good fight!

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Handmade Nation Screening and Virtual Lab Q&A

Faythe Levine and Cortney Himerl will be in New York this week discussing and screening their documentary film Handmade Nation and its accompanying book.  Etsy will be streaming a live webcam feed of the Q&A in the Virtual Labs starting at around 7:30pm EST, Thursday, February 12 (click here to translate this time on a…

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"Etsy Shop" Facebook Application is Fixed

Please see details here: While this is an optional application for Etsy folks who use Facebook, we wanted to get the message out that it's been fixed.

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Tech Updates: Handmade Code & Etsy's Beta API

Chad Dickerson, Etsy's Chief Technology Officer, announced that Etsy is beta testing our API. For more details please read his post in the Etsy blog: What's an API? It's a bit complicated and I'm not a very techy person, so I've tried to summarize below. Chad does a good job explaining it and linking to…

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Connect with us on Facebook!

UPDATE: Hello Facebook friends! We have launched a new Facebook application called My Etsy. We suggest that you start using that app instead of the Etsy Shop app. It’s much better, and Facebook is phasing out the apps that appear as a “box.” See details on how to set up the My Etsy app here….

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Vote for the Etsy Blog in the Bloggies!

We are so excited! We at the Etsy Blog found out yesterday that we have been nominated for the 2009 Bloggie Awards in the Art/Craft/Design Blog Category. Please vote for us! If you scroll to the right, you’ll see our category. We really want to win because the exposure would shine a light on the…

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Tech Update: New CPSIA Forum & Buy Handmade Badge

Many of our members are aware of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the resulting sense of confusion sellers of children’s items are experiencing. These sellers need to know how the legislation will impact their businesses and need to be informed. The CPSIA is by no means a done deal. We are in…

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Baby Surprise!

UPDATE: We have scheduled the live event for January 28 at 4pm Eastern time. [the following was originally posted on January 7, 2009] With the excitement of a brand new, tiny person’s arrival, come…adorable tiny clothes, huggable toys, and all those things new moms need. Whether you’re a new mom, a craftsperson specializing in baby… handmade and vintage goods

Tribute to Mundogominola

Artist, friend, and Etsy seller Claudia Moya aka Mundogominola recently passed away from a rare heart condition. She was a young and talented illustrator living in Madrid, Spain. According to Claudia’s final wishes, her friend Kristina aka Krize is finishing sending out Claudia’s sold artwork. We asked Kristina  to share this tribute she wrote about…

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Tech Update: Etsy Web Analytics Now Available

Sellers, Etsy has completed beta testing of Etsy Web Analytics (provided through Google Analytics) and you can now enable this feature by going to Your Etsy > Shop Setup > Web Analytics.  Or, if you are logged in you can find the link here. This release of Etsy Web Analytics allows Etsy sellers to track… handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Improvements to Search

UPDATE: Our new Search system is now live! Please post in this forum thread with your comments. This week we are replacing Etsy’s existing search technology with Solr, an industry-leading, open-source search system. Solr is currently in use by major consumer sites like Netflix as well as important e-commerce sites like Zappos.  We believe it… handmade and vintage goods

Creative Reuse: Deadline for Crafty Submissions “Extremely” Soon

Stone cold craft enthusiast Garth Johnson has put out a call for your “creative reuse” ideas. The deadline is January 5th!  Rockport Publishers/Quarry Books is an international publisher of high-quality visual and idea books for design professionals and creative enthusiasts—crafters, artists, and designers. (Check out our distinctive books at: We are seeking submissions for…

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Tech Updates: Etsy Shopper Survey Results & Payment Enhancements

A big thank-you to everyone who took our brief Shopper Survey! We’ve been working on a number of important payments-related enhancements and your feedback is critical. These surveys are a fast and efficient way to get structured feedback from many of you; they complement our usability testing, traffic analyses and financial metrics. We wanted to…

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Shop Live: Expert Shoppers in the Virtual Labs

Last one tonight!!! Lucky Magazine – Fri, 12/12 @ 7pm EST. Ever wish your favorite style-savvy magazine would somehow come to life and help you navigate the wide variety of items on Etsy? Imagine if your favorite blogger would magically appear and point you to the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family… (sound…

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Etsy Alert: Scheduled Site Maintenance – Sunday November 30 at 4am EST

UPDATE: Success! All fixed. [the following was originally published on November 28, 2008] During our last site maintenance window, we discovered an unanticipated network issue that prevented us from completing the network maintenance successfully.  To correct this issue, we will be doing network maintenance on Sunday November 30 at 4am EST.  Users may experience sporadic…

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Etsy Alert: Scheduled Storque Maintenance

UPDATE: All done! We will be taking Etsy’s blog, the Storque, down for maintenance on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, from 10:30pm EST until 12:30am Wednesday. When you return to reading the Storque — as we hope you do obsessively — you’ll find pages loading a lot faster. Many of the other changes we’re making will…

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What Does Handmade Mean to You, Los Angeles?

What does handmade mean to you, Los Angeles artists and crafters, and you who buy from indie sellers? At LA Felt Club on November 16th, 2008, from 2pm-6pm (Pacific Time), Tara (Etsy admin weirdwolf and video shooter) wants to meet you and tape very short (15 second) individual videos. Please bring something handmade you’ve bought…

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Tech Updates: Favorites in Your Shopping Cart

Attention shoppers! We heart hearts, so as mentioned in CEO Maria Thomas’s article last week, we’ve decided to share the love in a very important corner of the site: checkout. Now, as you begin the checkout process, you can dip into your Favorites and add them to your Cart.  After signing in, look right below…

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My Top 10 Waldorf Toys

Natural Kids Team Teammates FaerieRebecca and waldorfmama collaborated with Etsy admin Vanessa to find some of the best healthy toys for creative play. 1. 12 Month Subscription-Play Dough of the Month Club by DoSiDough Find more play dough on Etsy. 2. Gnome Home Needle Felted Play Mat by chimera Find more woodland-themed toys. 3. Collecting…