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Tech Update: Freshening Up the Category Pages

Etsy’s Category pages have a fresh new look—check them out. This is the first set of enhancements we have in mind for the Category pages. Our goal in implementing these changes is to enhance the shopping experience on the site, making it easier to navigate and to find items to purchase. We also hope that… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Unscheduled Site Maintenance: Thursday Morning 3/12, 2am EDT

We apologize for the short notice, but we need to take Etsy offline for unscheduled maintenance for approximately 20 minutes at 2am EDT (follow this link to convert to your local time zone).  During this time, all users will be directed to a page noting that we are undergoing maintenance. During this maintenance period, we… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Talking Product with Etsy’s VP of Product Sara Hicks

Hi friends, Following up on the latest installment of Talking Shop with Maria Thomas, I wanted to provide a few operational updates from the Product Team here at Etsy. We are excited to talk about what we’ve accomplished so far in 2009 and provide a glimpse into the priorities for the rest of the first… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Pay Your Etsy Bill with PayPal Now Available

Sellers, After a smooth and productive beta test, we’re very happy to announce the full public release of functionality that allows you to pay your Etsy bills via PayPal. You will now see an option for PayPal under “Method of payment” when you go to Your Etsy > Your Etsy Bill > Make a payment…. Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Talking Tech with Etsy CTO Chad Dickerson

When I wrote my last update in September, the days of summer were retreating and I was sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of my new Brooklyn apartment, waiting for my household goods to arrive from California, and more importantly, quietly begging for the summer heat to subside. I got my wish, and… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Improving Search

Today, we rolled out some small improvements to the search experience on Etsy. In addition to explaining these improvements, we want to share with you more about our approach to improving Etsy’s search function. Improving search on Etsy is an ongoing, collaborative effort involving the entire Etsy community. First, what’s launching today? Search dropdown menu… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Beta Release of Etsy Bill Payment with PayPal

UPDATE: This feature is now live! Read about it here. Sellers, Today, Etsy is kicking off a beta test of functionality that allows sellers to pay their Etsy bills via PayPal. Many of you have asked to be able to pay your Etsy bills with PayPal. International sellers in particular overwhelmingly prefer PayPal as a… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Handmade Code & Etsy’s Beta API

I just moved to NYC in September, and I am still finding my way around the subway. For a while, I carried around a paper subway map, but in the rain and snow, it quickly became tattered and was very inconvenient to unfold in a crowded rush hour train. Then one day I heard about… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Item Status and Shipping Address Added to Sales Data CSV Download

We have updated the data that is available in sellers’ CSV download file, available on the “Sold Orders” page in Your Etsy.  This comma delimited file shows orders for your Etsy shop, and we have appended the following columns to the end of this file: Ship Status: Shows the date the item was marked as… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Feed Enhancements, Google Base and More

UPDATE 11/25/09: Google Product Search no longer supports submissions from individual sellers on marketplaces like Etsy. Etsy is partnering with Google as a participant in the Google Product Search Marketplace Partner Program. Learn more about Etsy’s Google Product Search Syndication feature. We’ve rolled out some small but important improvements to Etsy’s RSS feeds. (What is… Continue reading