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Tech Update: Apostrophes Allowed in Item Titles!

Thanks to several community suggestions, we’ve updated the listing process to now allow apostrophes in item titles! Brush up on your grammar skills and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the apostrophe on wikipedia. Now you can officially do the happy dance about grammatically correct item titles!  It’s a perfect time to list…

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Tech Update + How-To: Download your Sales and Billing Data to a Spreadsheet

Sellers who do their own accounting will be excited to hear this: you can now download your sales information to your computer in CSV format ( Here here! for “comma separated values”)!     A CSV is a type of file that can be opened by programs such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc…

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Tech Update: Forums “Title only” Searching

Searching the Community section’s forums has become a bit easier today, as we’ve rolled out a forum "title only" search option. Previously, the only way to search the forums was to search all text across all posts. You’ll find that "forum titles" is now the default search method when browsing forum pages. This will allow… handmade and vintage goods

View tally reset, cause and future solutions

Hi all, Last night one of our web servers suffered a hardware failure and had to be removed from the group of public-facing machines. Because of the way listing view tally data is currently stored, part of the listing tally data has been lost. This means that some ( roughly 1/10 of all ) listings… handmade and vintage goods

Scheduled Maintenance: Forums will be down Sunday night

UPDATE: We’ve canceled the maintenance for now, so enjoy the forums! Hi all, We’re doing some database reorganization in the bowels of Etsy that will require us to take the forums down tonight ( March 16th ) for maintenance. The forums will be taken down around 9:00pm EST for approximately 3 hours. We know that… handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Video Podcast: What is Etsy Alchemy?

Etsy Alchemy is going strong with over 600 active Alchemy requests after only a few days!  Alchemy is a way to allow Etsy sellers to bid on making custom items for buyers.  Watch this video to get learn how Alchemy works! MOV | Youtube | | Subscribe in iTunes If you’re looking for more…

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Tech Updates: Alchemy is Back!

It’s here, it’s here! At long last, Alchemy‘s triumphant return!  In the historical sense, Alchemy is the pursuit of transforming common metals into valuable gold. In the Etsy sense, Alchemy is when a seller transforms a buyer’s creative ideas into tangible items. In short, it’s the magical process of custom orders! Etsy’s founder, Robert Kalin,…

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Survey Says: The Results Are In

The results are in!  We had over 30,000 respondents to the survey, an overwhelming response.  After careful data scrubbing to clean out multiple entries and comparing the survey data to our registration and site statistics to review how representative the sample was, we are excited to present the results to you. We are particularly pleased…

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Site Outtage Saturday Afternoon, View Counts Reset

On Saturday the 23rd at roughly 2:15pm EST, there was a failure on one of our load balancing machines that rendered the site inaccessible. We recognized the failure immediately, but were unable to restore full connectivity until 3:30pm EST. Unfortunately, tracking down the issue required all of our servers to be reset, which in turn… handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Changes to the Final Checkout Page

Based on the community’s feedback and suggestions, we have been able to make several tweaks to the final checkout page (aka page 4) during the payment process! The changes break down like this: The biggest change you will notice is the big green button that says "Pay with PayPal" rather than the former text link….

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Tech Update: Mailing Lists Service Temporarily Interrupted

We’re having technical issues with our Mailing List service provider.  So we’re taking a break and hope to have the mailing list back to normal (or better than!) next week.   I know you will miss your daily Etsy Finds, Etsy News updates, tips from Etsy Success, and Teams briefings.  We apologize and promise to…

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Search Update: Filter Results by Price Range

Today we’ve added the option to filter your results in items: tags, titles searches by a price range! Search for items using the search bar at the top of any page, and you’ll see the new Price filter tool on the right side of the screen. Simply enter a minimum and a maximum price, click… handmade and vintage goods

“Last” Button Added to Listing Edit

Today we’ve added a small but useful feature to the listing editing process. At the bottom of every step of editing a listing, you can now find a "last" button.   This button will take you to the last page of the editing process, so you don’t have to click through every step to reactivate… handmade and vintage goods

All about Etsy FAQ Series: The Lifecycle of a Site Feature Idea

As part of our All about Etsy FAQ series, Kelly, aka kfarrell, will be presenting this post on the steps taken toward making a site feature a reality. Kelly, who is on the Product Team, wrote up a response to a frequently asked question: “Where do new ideas for Etsy site features come from and…

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Some categories appearing blank *RECTIFIED*

*UPDATE* We’ve since fixed this issue up, and an issue that was causing the categories and search to update sporadically. Everything should be working properly now, and you should notice a significant speed boost in category browsing. Let us know here if you have any further issues with the categories! ———————-   *UPDATE* We’ve since… handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Problems with categories and search

It’s been brought to our attention that new listings are appearing in their categories sporadically. This is being caused by an issue with one of our search databases, which is having problems receiving new listing information. Because the site cycles between several search databases, the results you see may sometimes be up to date, or…

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Site Connectivity Issues

Etsy is now experiencing sporadic issues with connectivity, originating from an issue with our service provider. Due to these issues, some users may be unable to access Etsy entirely, depending on their route to our datacenter. We’re currently in contact with our service provider to straighten things out with them. We apologize for the inconvenience,… handmade and vintage goods

Site Downtime: Early Morning Christmas Day

We’ll be taking the site down very early on Christmas day to perform an upgrade of the Master Database. This upgrade will help us facilitate future growth and make it easier for us to develop new features. The estimated downtime will be: Dec 25th 1:00am – 6:00am The man behind this work will be Haim,… handmade and vintage goods

Site Connectivity Issues

Today at around 12 noon EST, one of the ISPs that connects Etsy to the rest of the Internet suffered a failure, resulting in a loss of connectivity for the site. We immediately jumped on the phone to see what was causing the issue and what was being done to resolve it. It looks like… handmade and vintage goods

Color Picker is Temporarily Offline ( UPDATED )

::UPDATE — It’s back online! Pick away! ::  We’ve taken the color picker down for some emergency maintenance. Due to record levels of traffic hitting the site, the load from a specific color picker function has been causing some parts of the site to behave sluggishly. We’ll be looking at ways to enhance the color…