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Tech Update: A New Header Just for You

Etsy is getting more personalized, and the new header that just went live at the top of every page is all about you. handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Farewell to Flash

Over the past year, we’ve been changing technology platforms. It’s time to say adieu to some of our awesome but older tools. handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Alchemy Is Taking a Rest

Alchemy has enabled over 80,000 custom creations since its inception. Now, it needs its beauty sleep. handmade and vintage goods

Shop Together: Circles and Activity Feeds

Crowd-source your browsing with two new site features that help you follow what your friends are up to (and finding!) on Etsy. handmade and vintage goods

How to Give Your Friends What They Really Want

Stumped on what to get that coworker for Secret Santa? We’ve released a new tool that gives personalized suggestions based on Facebook interests. handmade and vintage goods

Tech Updates: Frank Talk About Site Outages

John Allspaw, who runs Etsy’s operations engineering group, explains what we’re doing to prevent downtime on handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Collect Sales Tax With the New Checkout

The new Checkout will now support collecting sales tax. (‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeahhh I’m the taxman…) handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: More Wider Pages

UPDATE 7/8/10: The new wider category pages are now live to 100% of users. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this forum thread. UPDATE 6/30/10: We are now beginning to roll out the new wider category pages. Only a small percentage of users will see them to begin with, as we are… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Short Site Maintenance at 2 a.m. ET

UPDATE: Everything went smoothly last night! Please do bookmark and follow the @EtsyStatus account on Twitter — these will be the best ways to stay in touch with what’s going on with Sys Ops behind the scenes. We used to do a lot of site maintenance wherein we’d take Etsy down for periods of… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Tech Update: Home Page Renovation

Update: The new home page is now live!  I’m pleased to announce that Etsy’s home page will be getting an updated look later this week. As mentioned in the March/April roadmap, this is part of an ongoing project to widen the site. The new home page comes on the heels of the release of Treasury… Continue reading