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Swimmy & Co. Update

Hi all, A couple months ago I asked Etsy sellers if they’d like to mail us some small orange fish, in this article. Many wonderful submissions came in from around the world in dozens of mediums. This is a quick update to show everyone what the array looks like. Click here to see it huge. We…

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Etsy Announcement: New Roles at Etsy Inc.

Dear Etsians, Here are a couple important news items, from Rob and Maria. From Rob: I am happy to announce that, with high hopes and expectations, Maria is now Etsy’s CEO. My new title at Etsy is Chief Creative Officer (CCO), a nice loose moniker that will allow me to focus on what I’m best… handmade and vintage goods

The Long View: Rob & Maria

REMINDER:  Rob and Maria will be in the Virtual Labs this evening July 9, at 7pm EDT. I’m moving the date up so this post sits on the top of the chronological heap. The following was originally posted on July 2, 2008. In the following post, Rob Kalin aka rokali and then Maria Thomas aka…

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Tech Update: Etsy DNS issues

This is an update for everyone having trouble connecting to Etsy right now. What happened? This past Thursday we moved Etsy’s DNS servers to our new datacenter. This is an important step in making sure the site can grow and scale. This DNS move caused a ripple in some people’s access to By our… handmade and vintage goods

In Case of Emergency: Off-site Blog for Updates

In the event that Etsy becomes unreachable, please head over to for updates. This blog is hosted off-site, which means it’s not inside our main cluster of servers in New Jersey. Instead, it’s on a server in Virginia. Since we’ll only use this blog in the event that Etsy itself is totally unreachable for…

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Employees and Your Handmade Business: Virtual Labs Discussion

Dear Etsians, Join us for a discussion and feedback session about employees and your Etsy shop. Rob, aka Rokali, co-founder and CEO of Etsy, will be leading the workshop.  When: Friday, May 9, 12 noon (Eastern US time) times on the Virtual Labs schedule are displayed in your local time Where: Treehouse Room, Virtual Labs … handmade and vintage goods

Focusing Our Priorities: Your Top Three Ideas

We’re taking a bunch of steps here at Etsy to make sure we’re in tune with what you, our members, would like us to change or add to the site. Last Tuesday, we posted a forum thread in the Ideas Section of the forums asking for your top three ideas as both buyers and sellers…

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Town Hall Meeting: Notes from Friday, April 11th

We had a great discussion this past Friday, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a rundown of what was covered. In addition to these notes below, here are the full minutes. We began by looking at where Etsy is at right now, as we prepare to turn three years old on June…

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Swimmy and Co.

I just received a wonderful gift from Etsy seller thebirdsandbees: a felted fish, inspired by Swimmy. He’s pictured above, and he’s quite lonely. It’d be fun if a whole bunch of Etsy sellers could make his red-orange friends, and we’ll make a diorama here showing them all arranged like a big fish (as in the…

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Etsy Book Club

In January of 2007 I started the Etsy Book Club. Together we read The Wal-Mart Effect, The Perfect Store and Ben & Jerry’s Double Dip: How to Run a Values Led Business and Make Money, Too. After each book we held an online workshop and invited people to the Etsy Labs for a nice long…

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Followup to Focusing on Handmade

As a follow-up to my previous article and the great forum post discussing it, here’s a distillation of topics for further clarification and exploration. I tried to sort the questions into three baskets. Correct  Tagging & Categorization castleman says:Commercial supplies often lack commercial and supply tags. I think some question like ‘did YOU make this… handmade and vintage goods

Focusing on Handmade

The tagline on our homepage reads Your place to buy & sell all things handmade. This was our focus when we launched Etsy two-and-a-half years ago, and it will remain our focus. However, a bit of housekeeping is needed to maintain this. Etsy currently has over 1.1 million active listings, and more than twice this… handmade and vintage goods

Etsy’s First Five Years

In early April of 2005, I sat in an orange chair facing an open window. It was nighttime and the lights were off. I was back in Brooklyn after a brief residence in Paris, and I was about to sketch the initial ideas that would become Etsy. Working with three friends – Chris, Haim and…

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Conference Talk: Call for Workshop Etsians

I’m headed to London to talk about Etsy at this conference: I’ll be showing off the Workshop for the first 5 minutes or so. Please join me for some good times. When: October 3rd14:35 — 15:15 London time (2:35 – 3:15)aka8:35 – 9:15 am EDT Where you need to be: Go to the lobby… handmade and vintage goods

Rokali’s Ironing-board Chat (Podcast 1)

Last week I posted in the forums, asking for questions about Etsy which I’d answer in a Podcast. Well, here is that Podcast. It’s the first one I’ve done so there’s not much fanfare or effects. You can listen to the entire Podcast here: Or you can listen to each segment below. I chose 3-5…

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The Other Corner: Open Etsy

In the past several months as we’ve been building up our team of Etsy workers, the doors to what’s going on inside Etsy have been mostly closed. I’m opening the doors right now. Our vision has always been this: to enable people to make a living making things. How do we do this? Herein I…

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Etsy Growing

Total # of items sold on Etsy. We just passed 1,000,000! On June 18th in the year 2005, a little over two years ago, Etsy was born. Chris, Haim and I worked for two months in my Brooklyn apartment building the site, and as soon as it launched we headed out to dinner. That first…

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What’s Going On

We’re all working full tilt right now. Chris, Haim and Simon are sifting through the code, diagnosing problems and remedying them. Jared’s in Singapore and Seoul presenting Etsy at a couple conferences and working from his hotel room.  Jay is collating bug reports and working on the HTML for some new features. Emily, Adrian and…

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Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

In the lull between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day we were able to look back at the past year. At the beginning of 2006 when we were in San Francisco, we agreed to buckle in for a ride together. In the following twelve months Etsy grew from 1,400 to 140,000 members, and the company…