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A New Homepage for New Visitors

Our new design aims to introduce Etsy to first-time visitors more effectively and encourage them to join the community. handmade and vintage goods

Rethinking Feedback

CEO Rob Kalin and COO Adam Freed respond to concerns about purchase feedback and privacy on Etsy.

Changes to visibility of feedback

For Etsy's first four years, buying an item and sending payment were two separate actions. Payment was sent via PayPal after completing the checkout process on Etsy. Because of this, it was important for buyers to have public feedback. It was how sellers would gauge the trustworthiness of their buyer, and it was a strong… Continue reading

How do people find your listings?

We've started working on seller analytics, and hope to release something by the end of this year. It's a big, important project. Understanding where traffic comes from is vital to running a shop, and while we currently support Google Analytics for your shop, sometimes it can be tricky to understand. We also want to let… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

An Update on Things Happening Inside Etsy, Inc.

We’ve grown to 125 employees, including a new COO, and we recently raised a bit more money. handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Update: The Latest From the Belly of the Beast

Hi all,  Here’s my much overdue update. I apologize for the radio silence. I’ve been focused on getting things done, rather than talking about getting things done. Introduction Everything we’re doing is for the sake of improving our service, and we all know there are myriad improvements to be made. To better describe what we’re… Continue reading

SEO update

(This is posted in another thread elsewhere in these forums. I'm reposting it here because it's work reading. We still need to do some more research, but it's a solid hypothesis.) *Statement of Facts* #1 – We didn't change anything on our end mid-March that would affect SEO.#2 – Google made a massive infrastructure change,… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Two-Month Roadmap: March and April

I am happy to present our first two-month roadmap. Our goal is to give everyone better insight into what we’re building. We’ll release four more roadmaps in 2010: May 1, July 1, September 1, and November 1. In lieu of fine print at the end, here are some caveats up front. We’re sharing things we… Continue reading

Roadmap for our site

Hi all, We've announced our first roadmap: Which includes some changes to the header: Rob Continue reading

An update from inside Etsy

Hi all, I've been quiet these past couple weeks mostly because I've been heads down working. It's the end of a long Sunday after my weekend in the office, and we're making good progress. Progress on what? This is part of what we're working on. By the end of this month, we'll post a rolling… Continue reading