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Set a Region Filter to view content and items near and far

The expansion of our creative community has made Etsy a wonderfully large and diverse place where you can find over 9 million items in our marketplace from all over the world. On Etsy, you can connect and exchange with people whether they're halfway around the globe or in your own backyard. And to make this…

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Accept Payments via Bank Transfer (German sellers only for now)

Hi everyone, We know bank transfers (also known as "direct debit" in some countries) are a common form of payment in many parts of the world. So, we're happy to announce that we are introducing it as a payment method for your shops in addition to PayPal, checks, and money orders. We've rolled this out…

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Tech Update: New International Homepages

Just in time for Euro Week, Etsy is more global than ever with localized home pages for our German, French, Dutch and UK members.

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New Homepages for our German, French, Dutch, and UK members

Hey everyone! Did you know that the Etsy community represents more than 150 countries worldwide? We've been hard at work laying the groundwork to support our global community so that you can browse, buy, sell and share on Etsy no matter the language you speak, the currency you use, or where you live. And in…