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2018 Mother’s Day Trends, Made for All Types of Moms

Apr 16, 2018

by Dayna Isom Johnson handmade and vintage goods

If your mom is anything like mine, her only request is the love of her family for Mother’s Day. While that’s beyond sweet and sentimental, I also want to gift the #1 lady in my life something special and memorable. Here’s where Etsy saves the day: Whether you’re shopping for mom, grandma, pet mom, or any other mother figure in your life, Etsy’s global community of 1.9 million sellers offer unique and personalized gift options that will surprise, delight, and maybe even incite a happy tear this Mother’s Day.

Mom Strong
Join the global conversation around gender equality and women’s rights and celebrate the strong women in your life. Support the movement by exploring items that celebrate these themes including: women’s strength, self-care, pride, and bonds between women.

Gifts from kids (that moms will actually wear)
A sophisticated update to the macaroni necklace of my childhood, this trend focuses on wearable creations straight from the imaginations of kids. Those unforgettable pieces of art or “I Love You Mom” notes cluttering the refrigerator? Transform them into lasting, one-of-kind jewelry pieces that can be kept close to the heart.

Mommy + Me
Perfect for the two pals that spend all their time together, mommy-and-me matching tees are the gifts that keep on giving. Etsy sellers have designed the cutest apparel for any mother-child duo, with whimsical sayings like “the original” and “the remix”, or “send coffee” and “send milk”. Can someone say, IG moment? #Twinning.

Celebrating all the Moms
Mother’s Day is about recognizing and celebrating all of the mother figures in your life. Those special women who have offered support, guidance, and those who have been there for you through thick-and-thin. A personalized card, necklace, or mug shows them that you care.

First-time moms
What an exciting time: becoming a new mother and celebrating Mother’s Day for the very first time. Most likely the last couple months have been completely dedicated to her baby and learning how to navigate her new life. So, this day should be a day of relaxation and unwinding. Treat any first-time mom to beauty products or a bottle of wine personalized with a special note.    

Pet moms, plant moms
Let’s give it up for the pet and plant moms! Between the daily walks, belly rubs, and cuddle sessions for fur babies, and measuring just the right amount of sunlight and water for our greenery, let’s face it: It’s hard work to be any kind of mom.  On Etsy, gifts for these moms are steadily growing in popularity with shoppers. We’ve seen an increase of 340% in searches for “plant mom” and a 180% increase in searches for “pet mom,” compared to the same time period in 2017.