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Etsy is on Red Alert for Net Neutrality

May 9, 2018

by Ilyssa Meyer handmade and vintage goods

Today, Etsy is continuing its fight to restore net neutrality by joining hundreds of companies, organizations, and individuals calling on the Senate to vote in favor of the Congressional Review Act (CRA). This will bring us one step closer to overturning the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of the rules that protect the open internet.

Senators need to hear directly from the people who will be harmed the most under the FCC’s attack on net neutrality. Today, the Senate announced the first major vote on net neutrality in Congress. We’re urging the Etsy community—buyers and sellers alike—to tell their Senators where they stand.

Starting today, Etsy’s homepage is going red with a banner driving users to a landing page where they can contact their Senators. We’re also rallying our 1.9 million sellers through emails, social media, and their Shop Manager dashboards.

When the FCC voted to overturn net neutrality rules last year, we were disappointed, but not deterred. Etsy has continued to make the case for clear and simple net neutrality protections in the courts and in Congress. We’ve advocated alongside our community of Etsy sellers and are challenging Chairman Ajit Pai’s order in the courts.

Join Etsy, creative entrepreneurs, and internet users across the country and tell your Senators that you’re on Red Alert for Net Neutrality by sending a message today.