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#Adulting for the First Time? Get Inspired with These Dorm Decor Finds.

Jul 30, 2018

by Dayna Isom Johnson handmade and vintage goods


The Etsy Trend Guide is a compilation of fresh trends our expert is noticing across Etsy and the crafting industry as a whole: what sellers are creating, what shoppers are loving, and what’s hot right now in the wider market. These trend predictions for 2018 are based, in part, on past top searches across categories on

For many high school grads, college is the first time they are living on their own – and with that comes a newfound freedom of self-expression, extending from major decisions to the more fun ones like decorating. With over 79,000 one-of-a-kind dorm decor items in the Etsy marketplace, college students are sure to find those special accents to make their space cozy, functional, and true to their unique style.

Keep reading to snag five of the hottest dorm decor trends on Etsy right now.

Monstera Mania

Monsteras are the new succulents, and Etsy sellers agree – searches for “monstera” on Etsy has increased 147% in the past year. Not a green thumb? Don’t fret! From catch-me-alls, to tapestries, to coasters, Etsy is home to over 10,000 monstera-related items.

Monstera PosterMonstera Leaf Ring DishNight Light Wall Lamp,
Printable Wall Art

Wall hangings that are out of this world

This year we’ve seen celestial elements trending in beauty, pop culture, and apparel, so it’s no surprise that it’s also making a debut in decor as well. Etsy has seen a 252% surge in searches related to celestial wall hangings in the months leading up to the 2018 fall semester compared to the months leading up to the 2017 fall semester. From moon phase hangings to constellation banners – there are over 1 million wall hanging items on the Etsy marketplace to choose from.

Added bonus: Students don’t have to worry about the common ‘no nails’ policy when displaying these starry eyed finds. Simply pair them with an adhesive hook, and voila! No holes, no problem.

Constellation Wall bannerMoon Phase Wall HangingBrass Wall HangingMoon & Stars Hoop Wall Hanging

Feminist and proud

On Etsy, we’ve seen searches for “future is female” spike 149% and “girl power” spike 18% in 2018, compared to 2016 – so it’s safe to say this movement is more than just a trend. What better way to let your feminist flag fly high than with female-focused decor pieces like these. From body-positive decals to throw pillows rocking girl power, the Etsy marketplace has over 7,000 feminist decor options that will let dorm dwellers showcase their female pride in their own unique way.

Girl Power PillowFeminist Embroidery Wall ArtYou’re like, really pretty Mirror DecalFeminist Art PrintMamas Pink Blanket

Wall organizers have never looked this good

When space gets tight, look to your walls! Etsy has seen a 60% spike in searches related to peg boards during this year’s back-to-school season compared to last year’s. (AKA: these wall organizers are going to be popping up in dorms across the nation this semester.) Mix and match the pegs and shelves to create a unique board perfect for showcasing wall art, organizing stationary, or simply hanging daily essentials. It’s the perfect balance between decor and function – and they’re totally customizable.

Pine Pegboard Wall ShelfPegboard Little SetMonstera Leaf Pegboard

Fake it till you make it

Real talk: university-provided dorm furniture is not the cutest. But with simple additions like headboard decals or faux dorm-friendly headboards, college goers can easily upgrade their space. On Etsy, “dorm headboard twin xl” saw the highest spike in searches related to dorms in the past year, and with 1,000+ headboard vinyl options on Etsy, students are sure to find a board that best fits their vibe.

Feeling crafty? Try out this dorm-friendly DIY woven headboard.

Half Mandala Wall Decal HeadboardBlush Linen Dorm Room HeadboardVelvet Dorm Room HeadboardChinoiserie
Bed Headboard Wall Sticker

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