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Bringing More Customization and Control to Pattern

Jun 6, 2017

by Alex Weinberg

Today we’re introducing major updates to Pattern, our custom website building service, including the ability to list items in Pattern websites that are not on Etsy. Etsy sellers who sell a variety of items, some of which fit on Etsy and some of which do not, can now represent the full breadth of their creative businesses in one personalized place, while still taking advantage of the Etsy tools for inventory and order fulfilment they rely on.

One of the top requests we’ve heard is for more customization to differentiate sellers’ Pattern websites from their Etsy shops and highlight their brands even more. Greater control over inventory—including inventory that sellers aren’t able or don’t wish to sell on Etsy—is a big part of that.

We’re excited to give Pattern users the ability to display and sell entire collections in one place. Pattern users won’t pay listing fees for items that only appear on their Pattern websites, and these Pattern-only listings do not have to comply with Etsy’s handmade, vintage, or craft supplies policies. They do, however, still have to comply with Etsy’s Prohibited Items Policy.

A creative entrepreneur who sells handmade ceramic mugs and pour-over coffee drippers, for example, can now sell those handmade items alongside everything else that an aspiring home barista could need to start brewing, from digital scales, burr grinders, and gooseneck kettles to unbleached cone filters and fair-trade organic coffee beans.

Etsy seller Lisa Dockery of shop YellowDaisyPaperCo said, “Having the ability to sell things on Pattern that I didn’t personally make is huge for me. I used to own a brick and mortar store and now I have a place to sell the inventory from that alongside my handmade items.”

Etsy sellers with a wide array of items in their Etsy shops can also now choose to create Pattern websites of curated selections from their Etsy shops, focusing their standalone website to appeal to specific audiences or trends.

Additionally today we’re introducing a new website editor so Pattern users can easily customize the theme, style, and pages of their websites, including new font options and suggested color pairings as well as a new Gallery page to highlight custom work or “behind the scenes” pictures, and an Events page to let shoppers know about upcoming events.

Finally, we are unveiling a new Pattern Success Center information hub where users will find advice designed specifically for creative micro-businesses to help them get the most out of their website.

Since launching Pattern just over a year ago, we’ve continued to make it even more useful for Etsy sellers, adding new themes, new tools for interacting with shoppers like blogs and mailing lists, and Guest Checkout to enable Pattern users to expand their buyer audience beyond those already shopping on Etsy.

With the addition of today’s updates, we think our sellers will get even more out of Pattern, as they continue to grow their unique brands. The price of Pattern remains $15/month after a 30-day free trial, and Etsy sellers can build their site in minutes by going to